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Lancey Foux turns up in surprise single ‘TURN IT TO LONDON’

UK emcee Lancey Foux has another hit on his hands with his latest release.

Releasing exclusively on YouTube for the time being, “TURN IT TO LONDON” combines eerie synths with bouncy drums for a prime party track as Lancey impeccably rides the beat. Recruiting longtime producer and right hand man Jay Trench, Foux’s bombastic style is on full display once more as fans are more than excited to finally get their hands on this previously unreleased gem.

“Uh, been duckin’ the CID (Yeah-yeah)

Two times, A-C-I-D

Yeah, too bad, you can’t get like me (Chyeah)

Mula, got a bag, Chinese

“How did you do that?” (How did you?) Do what?

Ain’t no secret, I just did a stop, way before Gaultier shirts

I used to jump up out the curb, yeah

Go pick up the dirt, yeah

Baggin’ up the work (Yeah-yeah)

I got junkies to serve, yeah (Yeah-yeah)

Said she ain’t ‘in love with me but she who kissed me first (Chyeah)

Inside the whip with a tangerine exterior dessert

Lancey Foux — “TURN IT TO LONDON”

Lancey continues to wow his fans with every passing single, bringing his unique vocals and delivery to a variety of off-kilter instrumentals. So far this year, the up-and-comer has seen high-profile collaborations with Johan Lenox, KayCyy and Yeat, as well as his own swagger-inducing single “Cooler Than Me.”

As the London resident makes his mark with consistency and upper echelon co-signs, fans eagerly await his follow-up to 2021’s LIVE.EVIL, which saw appearances from Lil Yachty and 24kGoldn.

“TURN IT TO LONDON” is a perfect example of the experimental sounds that Lancey gravitates towards while still creating a digestible, function-ready banger. There is sure to be more coming from him soon, so keep your ear to the streets as Lancey Foux continues to conquer the underground.

Watch Lancey’s ‘TURN IT TO LONDON’ below!