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Lancey Foux finds balance on new album ‘LIVE.EVIL’

UK-based artist Lancey Foux knows a thing or two about extravagance.

Co-signed by YZY Sound’s Kanye West, Foux’s grimy mix of new wave rage and UK hip-hop have allowed him to flourish in the States over the past few years. Now, Foux looks to double down on his underground appeal with his new album LIVE.EVIL.

Touting 13 tracks and features from Lil Yachty (“OUTTAMYMIND!”) and 24KGoldn (“BIG SWAG”), Foux seemingly viscerates each track with a sense of refined poise and brash storytelling. Mixing both dark and light, Foux finds balance within the opposing soundscapes, as LIVE.EVIL stands as one of Foux’s most cohesive works to date.

Filled with braggadocious bars and executive production from Foux’s right-hand man Jay Trench, the UK-bred star flaunts his lavish lifestyle on tracks like “b€Zerk” and “RESPECT,” also speaking on the appreciation he has toward his status (“RESPECT”) and the type of relationship he has with his significant other (“Wait In Miami,” “SWEET”). The narrative-driven cut “Over Me ¡!” is perhaps the most telling of Foux’s inner self — speaking on his relationship with God and his time spent in Mercedes-Benz Stadium working with Kanye West.

Initially titled LIFE IN HELL, it still remains to be seen if Foux’s formerly-mentioned project will ever see light of the day. However, LIVE.EVIL unabashedly peers into Lancey’s rise to fame and the lifestyle behind it. In the teaser visuals he’s previously posted, Foux’s pictured in black and white cruising city streets and performing shows as “Wait In Miami” with production from acclaimed new wave producer SKAI (SoFaygo, TyFontaine, SSGKobe) plays in the background.

Lancey Foux Interview: Living ‘LIFE IN HELL’ brings out the best in UK artist

Foux is fond of being hard to pinpoint — giving him an edge all his own on any track he touches. LIVE.EVIL’s lead single “BIG SWAG” with 24KGoldn introduced Lancey to a broader American audience, while previous features with Matt Ox, KayCyy and others have allowed him to popularize his unique sound within the underground.

Running in the same circles as some of the new wave’s brightest stars, it seems as though it is now Foux’s time to shine.

Listen to Lancey Foux’s ‘LIVE.EVIL’ below!