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Yeat, Internet Money need ‘No Handoutz’ on new single

The internet era’s fastest rising star Yeat has no plans on slowing down — joining forces with Internet Money for their new high-velocity track “No Handoutz.” (April 29).

Spearheaded by IM wunderkind producer Rio Leyva and head honcho Taz Taylor, “No Handoutz” is Yeat’s first single since he shared 2 Alivë (Geëk Pack) on April 1, as he and IM continue their hit-making prowess off the back of 2 Alivë cuts in Luv monëy” with Lancey Foux and “Call më.”

“No Handoutz” sees the Twizzy Rich boss flex his signature creative cadence over Levya and Taylor’s atmospheric curation — rapping over a melted array of ad-libs, booming 808s, video game synths and, of course, bells galore. “All my diamonds, they flawless” Yeat protests on the two-minute long banger, boasting his newfound lavish lifestyle reclining in a Maybach, expensive jewelry and how his opposition is “tryna steal my swag.” Yeat’s energy is off the charts on “No Handoutz,” elevating his one-of-a-kind flow over Internet Money’s patented bouncy production.

They tryna steal my swag, yeah, boy, that’s a burglary

Yeah, I got bags sitting on top of the bags, boy, that’s a Virgil piece (Virgil)

Yeah, give my twizzy a hundon, got forty murders with me (Brr)

All of my diamonds, they bussin’, they flooded

Going up straight to the top, no discussion

Twin finna smoke that boy just like a Russian (Buh, buh, buh, buh)

Just scored a TD, these pussies been rushing

Yeat — “No Handoutz”

“No Handoutz” is the third official single from Internet Money in 2022, following the pop-punk inspired “Options” with 24kGoldn and the vicious trap anthem “Flossin” with NBA YoungBoy. On top of curating sounds for artists in Dro Kenji, Rot Ken, Rich Amiri and others, it’s apparent that the hit-making collective is — and seemingly always will be — one of the most dominant tastemakers in music.

Yeat’s ascension to stardom was further bolstered by a pair of collaborations with Lyrical Lemonade founder-director Cole Bennett and coinciding “2 Alivë Tour.” Dropping visuals for 2 Alivë hits in “Still Countin” and “Poppin,” Yeat’s takeover is still just getting started — as the Portland-bred sensation has become a bonafide superstar in a matter of months.

Listen to Yeat and Internet Money’s “No Handoutz” below!