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Rich Amiri, Iayze will have fans “Jumpin” on their new single

Within SoundCloud’s resurgent era, artists have fresh ideas flow seamlessly without thought of genre in their music.

Touting effortlessly blended vocals, flattering melodies, clever bars and impressive lyrics, the lines continue to be blurred for what rap music is defined by nowadays, as Rich Amiri is well on his way to be next up in the new wave.

The Boston native has truly been making a name for himself on SoundCloud, with many of his hits showcasing his distinctive vocals and ability to both sing and rap. Not only has it been fans noticing Amiri’s come up, but artists and some notable figures within the industry including Taz Taylor and Nick Mira from Internet Money as well TyFontaine, Dro Kenji, Guwop Reign and more.

Over the past couple of weeks, Amiri would continuously tease a snippet of a new song and video that he had on the way with buzzing pluggnb specialist, Iayze. Now, after weeks of build up and anticipation, the 18-year-old finally is “Jumpin” with the Texas underground star on their new collaboration.

“Jumpin” is an ode to the new wave’s affinity for diverse sounds, as Amiri couldn’t have picked a better feature to join him on the track. The song kicks off with Amiri’s rich vocals that make for an impressively addicting hook that’ll have fans singing along in no time.

Diamonds flooded (Flooded), cup muddy (Muddy)

Bad b*tches (Let’s go), they all tryna f*ck me (F*ck me)

Pot, whip it, got the trap jumpin’ (Jumpin’, let’s go)

Say that he gon’ kill me, uh, that boy ain’t on nothin’

Rich Amiri and Iayze — “Jumpin”

Iayze hops in with his distinctively unique vocal register and simply does what he does best — boisterously diving into the beat to elicit his one-of-kind melodies (that have generated him over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify).

The visual for “Jumpin” is a sweet and simple, as the video showcases the two new wave pioneers chilling together inside the crib and outside in front of an expensive whip. In light of their new collaboration, Amiri also hopped on a track with Iayze’s current nemesis Slump6s on April 9, as the two have been trading disses in a slew of verses over the last few weeks.

Ultimately, “Jumpin” is a major step in the right direction for Rich Amiri. Although still young in his career, Amiri offers many promising qualities within his music and himself. If Rich Amiri stays focused and keeps on grinding at the pace he’s at, he will most definitely live up to his name sooner rather than later.

Stream “Jumpin” below!