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Slump6s lets out aggression on his latest single ‘Own It’

Teenage SoundCloud sensation Slump6s has been on a relentless tear in 2022 — premiering new sounds and showing extreme growth over his short time in the spotlight.

His latest single “Own It” (April 8) showcases a variety of deliveries over a menacing instrumental laced with infectious, head-bobbing percussion and sliding synths.

Midway through his punchline-heavy verse, Slump switches his tone — spitting fast-paced bars in a deeper pitch as he asserts his status by flexing his fat pockets and “blue hundreds.” Visuals for the track seemingly bring it to life as Slump rages throughout an extravagant mansion.

“Yeah, I’m in that big body, fucking Miyagi

That boy talking down then, I’m catching a body

The Glock on my waist if a nigga get wocky (What What)

Nigga, don’t try to be cocky

Upping the Glock, nigga, we are not boxing

Blue hundreds, my pockets been fatter than Oxy

I’m high man, I’m up, bitch, I’m right where the God’s be

Big K on my waist shooting you and your posse”

Slump6s — “Own It”

Similarly, his untitled upcoming second project is expected to surpass his debut effort ten-fold. Previous 2022 singles in “Presidential” and “Chrome Hearts Jacket” have given fans a taste of what’s to be heard on the follow-up to Origin, but Slump has yet to reveal any concrete information about the album at this time. Touting tons of versatility in every track he touches — meshing distorted bars with angelic, electro-infused sing-rapping — it’s hard to say what his next album will sound like, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Off the back of tracks with sgpwes, Whethan and glaive, Slump has refined his original sound while catering to multiple audiences. Connecting with underground hip-hop listeners as well as fans of the hyperpop wave, Whethan’s single “Mental” is a prime example of his ability to sonically shapeshift — sliding over an EDM-based instrumental to create a unique blend of genres.

Along with the success, the New York native has found himself in some controversy regarding fellow newcomer iayze, as the two have been dissing each other over social media and loose tracks. It seems that iayze hopped on IG Live to claim that Slump was stealing his style, prompting the younger emcee to remix iayze’s recent hit “556” with a series of ridiculous roasts.

Slump6s is slated for a big year as he continues to impress with every release, staying at the forefront of his peers with his lyricism and quick delivery. Now proving himself to be capable of diversity within a single track, the possibilities are endless for the electric up-and-comer.

Check out ‘Own It’ by Slump6s below!