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Iayze stays ‘Virtuous’ on new project

New wave phenom Iayze definitely won’t be an underground name for much longer, as the abstract Texas rapper continues to show how he’s cut from a different cloth.

Steadily dropping singles all throughout 2022, his previous mixtape The Leek 4 featured a collection of his most recent SoundCloud hits. However, Iayze is more or less Virtuous on his new project (March 2), finally bringing tracks like “YSL 2,” “Go Thru Trees” and “From Da South” with fellow Texas native Summrs packaged in a full-length tape. Similarly, Iayze has kept momentum by sharing one track a week (sometimes more) in the meantime — quickly growing his official discography by putting his underground archives on streaming services.

The teen enigma initially shot up the SoundCloud charts with his viral hit “556 (Green Tip)” — which is arguably his best track yet. Featuring simple yet bombastic horns, swaying 808s and wavy plugg production, Iayze’s flow is instantly infectious — conjuring hundreds of TikTok videos due to its irresistible groove. On other highlights like “Okay Okay,” “Chop Out” and “Fuck iayze pt. 3,” Iayze flexes his melodic vocal ad-libs and ethereal moans over the tape’s synth-heavy production with ease. Summrs’ guest appearances are a perfect dose of rage, as the pair play off each other’s energy flawlessly on both cuts.

“556” is just another testament to Iayze’s intrinsic ability to captivate listeners with his off-kilter rhyme scheme and unique track presence. Hungry and lyrically potent, the legend-in-the-making glides over “556,” glamorizing his weapons while “blicking” his “opps” with a 5.56 Mac-10 if they step at him too quickly.

“I’m talkin’ green tip, 5.56, and a blick too

Oh, he lack? Blick him, blick him, blick you (Nigga)

Oh, we on that shit too, I used to hit licks too

N—a shot a K at me, okay, but he missed too

He ain’t this, he ain’t that

He ain’t a Blood, he ain’t a Mac

He be saying this and that, it’s gon’ get him clapped too

Ridin’ with a big Mac, bitch, this ain’t no fast food (Bitch)

I just shot a foul ball, it’s good because I made the rules

Iayze — “556”

On Virtuous, Iayze’s superstar appeal is one to not be underestimated. Previously charting tracks like “On The Prowl,” “C’Mere” and “Oh Lord,” 2022 has been extremely fruitful for the hyper-crooning wordsmith. The Fort Worth up-and-comer continues to ascend from his SoundCloud 2.0 beginnings, snagging co-signs from Trippie Redd, PnB Rock and more in the process.

While he strongly asserts his star power yet again, this is just the latest stop on Iayze’s journey to the top of the game — staying Virtuous all throughout his new LP.

Check out “Virtuous ” below!

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