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Summrs Interview: Underground phenom looks to ‘Evolve’ on next project

For Louisiana-based rapper Summrs, it’s all about his constant commitment to the music. Sitting at over 200,000 Spotify monthly listeners, the 22-year-old artist has proven to be one of the most promising new wave pioneers on the scene.

Holding a tight grip on the underground’s unique soundscape, his consistency over the course of 2021 has been not only impressive, but career-defining — releasing two projects in What We Here and his most recent record Nothing More Nothing Less.

Standing at the forefront of this new era of SoundCloud juggernauts, he’s been hard at work developing his own sound as an orchestrator of the “pluggnb” genre. Breaking onto the scene alongside his close collaborators in Autumn! & Kankan, Summrs details all the pivotal moments driving his sound and career — speaking candidly about his early days and giving insight into his creative process.

Along with dropping “Buy Whatever” — which earned a video treatment from the coveted DotCom Nirvan — Summrs shared another standalone single in “ghost glocks” that further showcased his ability to transform every track he touches.

With his next album, Evolve 2, on the horizon, his recent singles are poised to be the heavy-hitting leads for his upcoming effort — touting a plethora of collaborations from his closest colleagues. With a melodic rage and distortion flowing through his discography, he aims to build on his recent streaming success — setting the tone to take over the game sooner rather than later.

Until then, he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his upcoming project ‘Evolve 2,’ Autumn!, Kankan, “ghost glocks,” “Buy Whatever,” Chief Keef, pluggnb and much more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Check out Summrs OGM exclusive interview below!

Time Stamps

  • 2:48 How did Summrs get his name
  • 3:50 The games Summrs was big on
  • 4:25 Sports growing up in Louisiana
  • 5:45 Started making music around 16, taking it serious around 18
  • 6:00 First recording on mixcraft on an Xbox Mic
  • 7:50 Selling SoundCloud Repost, and just reposting and going about his day
  • 8:55 What moment made Summrs want to take his music seriously
  • 9:30 Summrs contributions to PlugNB sound
  • 10:50 first time taking drugs, first Perc
  • 11:19 Don’t Do Drugs Kids
  • 12:30 Paranoia and Anxiety from Weed
  • 14:44 How Summrs & Autumn! Met
  • 15:42 Locking in 2022 and learning the production ropes
  • 16:11 Recording at home and learning how to engineer and mix/master
  • 18:53 Summrs beat selection and being picky on the Melodies
  • 19:20 How to get Summrs attention in terms of working with him or getting a beat placed
  • 21:26 How Summrs & KanKan met
  • 24:20 Being a picky eater
  • 25:00 When you from Louisiana, you eat everything
  • 25:30 Alligator taste like chicken
  • 27:24 Summrs Archived & Summrs Archive, leaking music and fans just putting music out
  • 29:30 Summrs, Autumn!, Kankan
  • 30:43 Ghost Glocks
  • 30:55 Shoutout DotcomNirvan
  • 31:41 Summrs & Yeat
  • 35:02 The next project “Evolve 2” & “Ghost Glocks” + “By Whatever” off the project
  • 36:57 Getting back into the turnt music and sound
  • 37:15 Just turned 22
  • 37:40 Who did Summrs listen to growing up? Chief Keef
  • 40:00 Dream Collaborations: Chief Keef, Future, Nba Youngboy, Drake
  • 41:25 Charting at #25 on all genres on Apple Music
  • 42:00 Using music as a therapeutic value in dealing with the struggles of losing his Grandmother
  • 44:03 Where does Autumn! See himself 5 years from now – doing music until 35
  • 45:47 Being close to the family
  • 47:30 Dropout and got his GED
  • 48:00 Recording in FL rather than Pro Tools
  • 49:35 His family telling him he’s proud
  • 50:28 Message for Our Generation