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Lancey Foux spits cold bars on underground gem ‘Cooler Than Me’

On his first solo release of 2022, Lancey Foux gets in his bag and gets braggadocious

After releasing two full-length albums in 2021, rising UK star Lancey Foux is ready to take over 2022 with his new single, “Cooler Than Me”

For those who may be unfamiliar with Lancey, he has been silently making a ton of noise in the underground for some time now. Foux is fond of being hard to pinpoint — giving him an edge all his own on any track he touches. Collaborating on “BIG SWAG” with 24KGoldn last year, the track further introduced Lancey to a broader American audience, while previous features with Matt Ox, KayCyy and others have allowed him to popularize his unique sound within the underground.

Simply put, it was only a matter of time before Lancey got his time to shine. On “Cooler Than Me,” produced by Fluxury, Lancey rhymes over futuristic chords and bone-rattling 808s to stunt — reassuring that nobody is doing it better than him right now.

They can’t understand my— (Woo)

They can’t understand my power, what’s happenin’? (Psyche)

VVS, my vision went platinum (Shine)

Put a CD on my wrist, I’m platinum (Hey)

Handle my grip when I talk to a random (Woo)

Put a GC on all of the mandem (Yeah)

Lancey Foux — “Cooler Than Me”

While still being a fairly underground artist, Lancey has a fanbase that goes crazy for all of his releases and snippets. With “Cooler Than Me” being one of those underground gems, fans were utterly excited to see that this song would finally get an official release to DSPs.

His latest album LIVE.EVIL (November 2021) touted 13 tracks and held features from Lil Yachty (“OUTTAMYMIND!”) and 24KGoldn (“BIG SWAG”). Foux seems to continue his visceral sound on “Cooler Than Me,” mixing each track with a sense of refined poise and brash storytelling. Melting together both dark and light qualities, Foux finds balance within the opposing soundscapes, as LIVE.EVIL stands as one of Foux’s most cohesive works to date.

It’s safe to say that Lancey Foux is ready to give 2022 all that he has and proves to the world why he deserves to be on top. He has amazing potential, and we are literally witnessing the beginning stages of what we will soon call a superstar in the game.

For now, check out Lancey Foux’s “Cooler Than Me” below!