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Tory Lanez’s ‘I LIKE’ shows all sides to his sound

Fargo Fridays are officially back.

Following his successful end of 2021 — fueled by widespread praise for his 80s-inspired album Alone At Prom — Toronto-based musician Tory Lanez jumped into 2022 with a full tank of gas, delivering a handful of singles and accompanying visuals to match.

Now, with no intentions of slowing down, Tory channeled his inner 2015-2018 vibes for his latest melodic offering “I LIKE” — making fans feel intrinsic nostalgia as if they’re listening to something made by Tory years ago.

Sitting at just over two minutes, “I LIKE” is filled with a variety of shifting flows, altering vocals and hypnotic melodies that instantly catch the ear. Lanez’s latest effort kicks off with soothing vocal chops embedded in the instrumental before Tory leaps in and steals the show. Entering the track with a controlled flow, he subtly throws in a few flashy melodies before he fully displays his singing ability and premier vocal range.

Call me when you need somebody to work on that body the way that he should’ve, yeah

I pull up AM, scotch color grey bands, all whole darker than Ray-Bans

And I’m still on that ass like spray tan

I would get it poppin’ with you or your eight friends but look”

Tory Lanez – “I LIKE”

The beauty of “I LIKE” is that the track is just a glimmer into the many musical talents Tory possesses. The track outwardly puts Tory’s underrated rapping abilities, clever wordplay, ability to suddenly switch flows, beautiful melodies and impressive singing range all on full display.

With an arsenal of melodic weapons to choose from, fans can only hope Fargo Fridays become a weekly thing for Lanez.

Watch to “I LIKE” below!