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Tory Lanez takes a trip back in time on ‘Alone at Prom’

Tory Lanez made waves with his 80s-themed project Alone At Prom last month, as the enigmatic singer-rapper further proved his talent ten-fold upon its release.

Despite Lanez’s public dispute with Megan Thee Stallion over the course of 2021, the Toronto-based artist has continued to put himself in a lane all his own, with Alone At Prom standing as a timeless blast from the past.

Originally, his 80s-inspired record was set to release on Dec. 1, but was pushed back due to unknown circumstances. However, prior to the album hitting DSPs on Dec. 10, Tory shared two stellar tracks off the project — both of which included immersive, narrative visuals in “Lady of Namek” and “87 Stingray.” Tory carried his ‘80s era into 2022, dropping the music video for “The Color Violet” in a special live performance posted Friday (Jan. 14)

As if Tory’s 2021 wasn’t already roaring with success due to his previous project PLAYBOY, it’s evident that he took it up more than a few notches on his latest effort. Alone At Prom’s remarkable retro approach not only intertwines harmoniously sung melodies with ethereal, electro-inspired production, but ascends Tory to a higher level than ever before.

The project features a plethora of fast-paced drum progressions and 8-bit synths. On tracks like “Enchanted Waterfall,” Tory incorporates modern sequencing while staying true to the era in every way. In the visual, Lanez pays homage to the late Michael Jackson, transforming into a werewolf as the song utilizes space-induced pads and funky 808s to create a head-bobbing, entrancing groove.

As Lanez gracefully croons using his high-pitched vocals and sultry auto-tune — sounding like a Michael Jackson-The Weeknd hybrid — he further asserts his indescribable talent on tracks like “Ballad Of A Badman” and “Last Kiss Of Nebulon.” Off the strength of its 11 total tracks, Alone At Prom defiantly packs a punch in today’s soundscape, existing between both woozy 80s-pop and fever pitch R&B — warped back in time like a Stranger Things soundtrack on steroids.

Ultimately, Alone at Prom displays Tory’s extreme versatility as an artist and ever-evolving sound — effortlessly taking control of his new image and owning it fully. Give Tory’s Alone at Prom a spin below.

Tory Lanez delivers second single off ‘Alone At Prom’ in ‘87 Stingray’

Back in September, Tory Lanez announced his album Alone at Prom — a complete-time warp back into the bubblegum-pop style of 1980s. If the album’s lead single “Lady Of Namek” was any indication of Tory’s talent, his singing ability and charisma was on full display, including fast-paced drums and 80s-Esque retro synths.

Originally, Tory Lanez’s 80s-themed project was set to drop at midnight on Dec. 1. However, due to unrevealed circumstances, Tory took to Instagram to inform fans that Alone at Prom is finished but the release date had been pushed back to Dec. 10.

Dropping its second single “‘87 Stingray” in place of his original release date, Lanez, being a man of his word, delivered that track and it most definitely did not disappoint.

The song sits at just under two and a half minutes and believe it or not, is even more 80s-sounding than a “Lady of Namek.” “87 Stingray” kicks off with heavy-hitting punchy drums as Tory’s high-pitched melodies slowly fade into the track. Like “Lady of Namek,” the song has an extremely retro feel that sounds as if it was taken directly from a John Hughes 80s-flick.

I’m ridin’ through the city

Liquor spillin’ like a faucet

Phone calls to my baby

She know I be goin’ all night

Checkin’ on the late night

Lord knows that I’m wrong

For cheatin’ on you in the late night

Can’t seem to live alone

Tory Lanez – ’87 Stingray

Just a day after releasing the track Tory took to Instagram to enlighten fans with the “‘87 Stingray” visuals that dropped Dec. 2.

In the video for “‘87 Stingray” we find a sequel to the “Lady of Namek” video. The intro kicks off with a flashback of the previous video going through Tory’s head. He then wakes up to find himself injured in a hospital bed. With no hesitation, Tory pops out of bed and escaping the hospital in hurry. He ends up in his ‘87 Stingray cruising around town to find his “Lady of Namek” being harassed by a group of guys. Tory abruptly makes a U-turn and exits his car to save the day.

What makes Tory’s music videos so fascinating is that he helps guide its direction by taking creative control, as well as taking on editing duties and other post production roles into his own hands.

With the success and popularity of both “Lady of Namek” and “87 Stingray,” it would come as no surprise to see Alone at Prom slowly finish as one of 2022’s hidden gems. The 80s-style project is set to release in less than two weeks on Dec. 10.

As we eagerly wait for Alone at Prom stream “87 Stingray” in the meantime!