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Tory Lanez postpones upcoming project ‘Alone at Prom’

It’s been nearly three months since Toronto artist Tory Lanez initially announced his project Alone At Prom — an 80s-themed album that is set to highlight Tory’s singing ability and timeless versatility.

The album’s lead single “Lady Of Namek” further proved that for Lanez, incorporating warm. 80’s style synths, packed vocal stems and reverb-filled autotune for an overall enjoyable and catchy track.

Announcing his new era while losing his “Lady Of Namek” in the track’s accompanying visual, Lanez — who is still dealing with the commercial reprocussions of his situation with Megan Thee Stallion over the summer — looks forward to fully revealing his new sound and era come next week.

Originally slated to release on Dec. 1, Tory took to InstagramSunday to update fans that Alone At Prom was officially finished, but would be pushed back to a Dec. 10 release.

Given that “Lady of Namek” was an absolute 80s-esque gem, fans are hopeful that this is the only postponement of the album. Look out for Tory Lanez’s new project on Dec. 10.

For now, stream Lady of Namek below!

Tory Lanez announces new 80’s themed project titled ‘Alone at Prom’

Many fans had speculated that Toronto artist Tory Lanez was up to something after tweeting an awfully cryptic message.

The internet began to create their own theories and rumors as to what Tory was talking about, but the truth of the matter is no one actually knows.

Although it remains a mystery, one thing is certain and that is the announcement of a new album set to drop on Dec. 1.

Coming off numerous singles and a full-length project back in March, Tory Lanez took to Instagram on Thursday to announce his upcoming project, Alone at Prom. This project will be 80’s themed — assuming that the songs will have influence from music around that time period.

Any fan of Tory knows that his versatility has allowed him to dabble with a diverse list of genres such as R&B, Pop, Soul, Trap, Drill, and more. Thus, making it easy for him to have a wide range of listeners from a mix of genres. Now, Tory may have the opportunity to attract a new fanbase: 80’s music lovers.

Knowing that Tory rarely misses, fans are eager to hear what this project has to offer.

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