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Tory Lanez delivers new single, video off upcoming album ‘Alone at Prom’

After releasing his latest album PLAYBOY back in March, Toronto-based artist Tory Lanez is doubling down on projects this year.

Beginning the rollout to his upcoming 80s-themed LP Alone at Prom — dropping its lead single “Lady Of Namek” on Nov. 15 — Lanez initially announced his retro-inspired project in September of this year as he looks to bolster his versatile sound with a warm, pop feel.

“Lady Of Namek” sits at just over three minutes long, and sounds as if it was taken right from an 80s high school flick. We find an upbeat track that features fast-paced drums and warm, retro synths as Lanez elegantly harmonizes over the track — showcasing his high-pitched singing ability that makes the song exceedingly catchy.

So can we (Can we?)

Play with the stars tonight? (Play with the stars tonight)

Can we make them all align? (Make them all align)

So what’s it gonna be? Yeah (What’s it gonna be?)

Cause tonight’s the night, so, baby

Tory Lanez – Lady Of Namek

If one thing is certain, Tory Lanez always focuses more so on his visuals. Just like fans saw in his video for “Grah Tah Tah” with Kodak Black and “SKAT” with DaBaby, Tory is an entertainer at heart — always committed to putting on a show. Drawing from his quarantine radio show last year, Tory is devoted to grabbing fans’ attention, and the visual for “Lady of Namek,” he does exactly that.

Ultimately, “Lady of Namek” takes listeners on a trip back in time, as the visual portrays Lanez trying to woo his high school crush in and out of class. Throughout the video, Lanez fights for her attention along with the many other suitors trying to impress her. However, Lanez fights off her options by passing notes in class, performing in the talent show, and even getting in a fight for her. While it seemed to be enough to win her hand, Tory finds himself out of luck — watching her walk out of the gymnasium with another guy at the end of the video.

If fans needed any more reason to be excited about Alone at Prom, Tory showed it ten-fold. While his upcoming LP may be Tory’s most unique album to date, it could perhaps be one of 2021’s most underrated projects once it’s all said and done.

Stream “Lady Of Namek” below!