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Tory Lanez shouts out the jits in ‘Florida Shit’

It’s all just a mood for Toronto artist, Tory Lanez. Whether he feels like flexing his singing abilities, turning back the clock for an 80s album or simply showcasing his bars, Lanez has been long known for swerving into whatever sonic lane he wants.

Following his well-received ‘80s-themed album Alone at Prom, Tory kicked off 2022 with multiple tracks that coincided with creative, well-thought-out music videos. To continue his hot streak of singles, all while keeping his résumé as diverse as possible, Tory decided to switch up his flow on his latest effort “Florida Shit.”

In “Florida Shit,” Tory kicks off the song by shouting out some major cities in Florida while announcing that Kodak Black is going to be proud of his flow throughout the track.

Yеаh, І’m tаlkіng Nоrth Міаmі, рорріn’ tо Оrlаndо

Јасkѕоnvіllе, Таmра, аll у’аll n**gаѕ uр thеrе, І ѕее уоu

Ауе, Коdаk, уоu gоn’ bе рrоud оf thіѕ flоw rіght hеrе

Wаtсh thіѕ, wаtсh thіѕ, ауе, check

Tory Lanez – “Florida Shit”

Once the intro ends, Tory kicks it into high gear. Without hesitation, he abruptly dives into the track and lets loose — swiftly spitting bar after bar, as he vividly discusses the things that go on for him while he’s in Florida, or on a daily basis.

Like always, Tory provides an exciting visual paired with the track. While Lanez doesn’t typically follow the trendy animations and loud flashing colors fans have become used to in the new wave, he relies heavily on composition that gives his videos an overall cinematic feel. In “Florida Shit,” Tory is seen flexing his car collection, kicking it on a balcony and in the club, all while enjoying himself with plenty of women around him in Miami.

Simply put, Lanez always leaves room for the imagination and his fans guessing — courtesy of his natural talent and singing ability that make his sound undefinable. Whether it’s an EP, a full-length project, a single, cover art or video, Tory seemingly looks at everything he does at different angles — fully expressing himself in any way possible.

Listen to “Florida Shit” below!