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Teezo Touchdown remains genreless on ‘I’m Just A Fan’

It’s hard to put a finger on Texas native Teezo Touchdown. For one, his sound is incomparable, striking a different emotional chord with every new track he releases.

The alternative rap-rocker continues to find success within his eclectic taste and one-of-a-kind style — showcasing his ability to break through the fourth wall time and time again in his music.

While the self-proclaimed “Mayor Of Midville” has seemingly slowed his campaign — stemming from his rock-infused single “Mid” — Teezo brings forth his latest offering “I’m Just A Fan” that has layers of meaning behind its surface-level silliness.

Previously showcasing his impressive vocal range, airy vocal stems and grimy, rock-infused bass-playing, the rap-rocker also caught the eye of Tyler, The Creator this summer, earning a feature on CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST‘s anthemic “RUN IT UP.” With Tyler’s co-sign, Teezo has only gone up, slated to be apart of Tyler’s CMIYGL tour later this year.

“I’m Just A Fan” is a somber guitar ballad that allows Teezo’s voice to shine at its fullest. A majority of the track features Teezo singing around his entire range — packed with luscious ad-libs and grunge-infused cadences — as the multifaceted Texan takes centerstage to get some things off his chest.

The track is a metaphor, detailing that physical wind-blowing fans are much like fans of his. Crooning about his purpose as an artist, Teezo alludes to fans having control of his career in some regard, saying that they “know how to pull my strings,” much like a ceiling fan. It’s an interesting, introspective take on the relationship between an artist and their fanbase.

What’s the point of being on all day when no one appreciates the breeze you make?

What’s the point of being on all day when no one can tolerate the noise you make?

You know (You) how to (To) change my speed

You know (You) how to (To) pull my strings

I know (I) how to (I) cool you down

Even (Even) when you’re not around

Teezo Touchdown — “I’m Just A Fan”

With intimate singer-songwriter cuts such as “Strong Friend” and “Rooting For You,” “I’m Just A Fan’s” allure stems from Teezo’s combination of solo guitar licks, swelling pads and — in true Teezo fashion— the sound of nails hitting the floor in the background.

Primarily leaning on his rock-background as a bass player, tracks in “Social Cues” and “Careful” fall in line with converse rap’s left-of-center sound, however, Teezo is no where near being a rapper — and “I’m Just A Fan” reasserts his undefinable talent for his craft.

Teezo Touchdown is an inimitable force to be reckoned with

Teezo is simply a generational enigma. He’s everything and anything fans need him to be — continuing his rise as the independent star hip-hop will soon embrace, even if fans continue to “pull at his strings.”

Listen to “I’m Just A Fan” by Teezo Touchdown below!