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THEY. brings back ‘classic smooth R&B’ rolling out forthcoming album

It’s the Dawn of a new era for Dante Jones and Drew Love, as THEY. saunters out of the shadows and back into the spotlight with their latest single “Comfortable” (July 1).

After a short two-year hiatus, the Los Angeles-based duo returns not only bearing their signature R&B vibe, but an ultra-captivating swagger that’s dressed to the nines. Touting over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the pair’s star power has always been apparent, as their scintillating debut project Nü Religion: Hyena (2017) — and 2020 follow-up The Amanda Tape — bolstered their knack for creating innovatively somber and genre-bending tracks alike.

Similarly, the R&B tandem has worked alongside Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Jesse Reyez, Jeremih, Kiana Léde, Wale, Juicy J and more of R&B’s bonafide stars. However, their latest offering “Comfortable” reasserts their versatile, dreamy soundscape that’s been widely missed from the game.

Tapping the smooth-singing Fana Hues — who broke through on Tyler, The Creator’s “SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” last year — “Comfortable” sees the swooning Drew Love croon more hypnotic, love-laced lyrics over Jones’ methodically meditative production. Aided by Hues’ perspective of the push-and-pull nature love presents, the trio seem to turn a new leaf towards the emotions that have once scorned them. “Am I oversteppin’?”, Love passionately sings, questioning why his love interest won’t take a chance on him — pining for her off the sentiment of seizing the moment and not letting life pass him by.

Know you seen my message (Seen my message)

Goin’ through a lot, working overtime

Niggas got you stressin’ (Got you stressin’)

I could change that all for you, tell me, am I oversteppin’? (Am I oversteppin’?)

Seem like the type of girl who really like the chase, let me be aggressive (Be aggressive)

‘Cause if there’s one thing for sure (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I know we don’t live forever (Yeah)

We might as well get together (Yeah, yeah)

THEY. — “Comfortable”

Led in by swooning keys and contemplative strings, their previous single “Blü Moon” (May 20) is similarly packed with luscious melodies and luxurious ad-libs — complemented by Love’s instantly catchy vocals that win over new fans on first listen. Speaking on a woman that’s caught their attention, THEY. sizzles with quips about “keeping caution” with the women they’ve been getting involved with — saying that they’re changing their “moves” due to the apple of their eyes.

“I think you caught me on a blue moon

Girl, like you, there don’t be no such thing as too soon

I been trying not to move the way I used to

Something ’bout the way you move I could get used to

THEY. — Blü Moon

Loosely resembling the energy found on Bryson Tiller’s “Inhale” off his 2020 return tape A N N I V E R S A R Y, “Blü Moon” and “Comfortable” once again encapsulates the raw talent they’ve showcased all throughout their discography. Ultimately, the unsung stars speak through their music — crafting slow-and-low R&B bangers that bring back that “classic smooth R&B feeling.” “You gon love the album,” THEY. wrote on Twitter. “A night time car ride.”

As THEY. eyes their full-length return in the near future, “Blü Moon” and “Comfortable” are just a taste of what’s to come for the “Nü Religion” of THEY. followers.

Check out “Comfortable” below!