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6LACK Partners with MHALA and BETTERHELP to Advocate for Mental Health

Mental health has become one of the most important social issues in modern society.

In light of World Mental Health Day this Sunday, rapper-singer 6LACK has partnered with Mental Health America Los Angeles (MHALA) and global service BetterHelp to advocate for not only mental health in the music industry, but also mental health for all young adults.

With both of these partnerships in place, 6LACK hopes that fundamental change can happen within the music industry and that artists feel comfortable opening up about their personal struggles. Sharing his experience of dealing with anxiety and other issues with Billboard, the Atlanta-based hitmaker hopes that this will inspire others to take better care of themselves.

“I want to share my experiences and talk about the resources/things that helped me, in order to spark people to do the same for themselves. Sometimes support is all you need to take the first step, so I want my first step to encourage someone else’s first step.”

6LACK in an interview with Billboard

6LACK goes beyond just a simple thirty-second video to get his point across. In conjunction with BetterHelp, they are donating six months worth of therapy sessions to 50 BIPOC students in MHALA’s Transition-Age Youth Program.

In the PSA, 6LACK notes how difficult this past year has been, especially for people in the black community. He briefly mentions how important maintaining one’s mental health is and how a strong support system is needed. The video is just one of the few things the artist has done to promote mental health awareness.

The program assists young adults in need of mental help and helps integrate those who were homeless into society. Programs like this give more opportunities for people to better themselves, notably those who need it the most but may not be able to get the help by other means.

For more information on BETTERHELP, visit their site.