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Dev Lemons caps off her year with new single, ‘Ghosted My Dentist’

It’s been a wild 2022 for Dev Lemons. The do-it-all extraordinaire has, among many other things, released a string of three singles as she entered her hyperpop era, co-created the duo QUEEF JERKY alongside YouTuber nickisnotgreen, began co-hosting the Lorem Life Spotify live show with Max Motley and Lizzy Szabo, and arguably most importantly single handedly started a chicken noodle popsicle movement.

This is nothing out of the ordinary for Dev, who is constantly wearing more hats than one should be able to fit on their head. However, after some teasers on TikTok that consistently make me laugh way too hard, she had one more trick up her sleeve to close out the year – “Ghosted My Dentist,” recruiting the ever versatile grandma on the production. 

As one may have guessed from the title, the track centers around Dev’s lack of a dentist, resulting in an eerie message as she sings, “Ghosted my dentist / I should probably check back in / Gums have been bleeding / And it stings to eat anything freezing.” Between soft recurring “Ooh, woah,” she continues to share stories of why she should not have ghosted her dentist, from losing her retainer, to potentially getting in a fight with a stranger, to the underlying fear that her teeth will be unfixable.

“Ghosted My Dentist” arrives as Dev’s fourth single of the year, and another chapter in her fun-loving nature, succeeding the prior released “CEO OF MY ASS” for the throne of best song title.

Beat cuts, buzzing bass, and slight hyperpop elements on the production creates an intensifying atmosphere, while an electrifying, metal influenced outro ends the track on an exciting note.

For grandma, this track lands on the heels of an already wildly active 2022 that has seen him release his EP Angelhood, collaborate with the likes of ericdoa, poptropicaslutz!, and pick up a host of production credits, as well as embarking on tour with aldn next week.

If this is Dev’s final release of the year, then it will cap off an extremely successful campaign as she prepares for her debut album in 2023.

Listen to ‘Ghosted My Dentist’ by Dev Lemons below!