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Al-Doms, Pusha T laugh their way to acclaim on new single ‘HAHA’

Over the past few weeks, hip-hop has been full of high-quality releases from some of the culture’s biggest names — and this week is no exception.

Known for his energetic flows, clever writing and unique Southern sound, Virginia emcee Al-Doms makes a triumphant return to the booth with his second single of the year featuring Its Almost Dry rap titan Pusha T.

Boasting production from N-I-N-E, Coop The Truth, and bennygotbass, Al-Doms’ latest track sees his hard work paying off as he effortlessly trades verses with King Push. “HAHA” is yet another high-octane release that no only bolsters both Al-Doms and Pusha T’s chokehold on 2022, but fully gives the Virginia natives room to bounce off each other’s strengths.

Though this collaboration may seem rather unlikely, those inclined to Al-Doms’ unparalleled affinity for densely-written lyrics and electric flows know that a Pusha T collab was inevitable. Regarding their fated introduction, Al-Doms revealed that Pusha was “told what we had going on and reached out to chop it up… he pulled up on me and rode around the city and kicked it.” It wasn’t until the release of Doms’ 2021 album NEW DREAMS that the track began to take shape, as Al-Doms notes that “HAHA” just came naturally came to him.

“I was listening to a beat pack produced by N-I-N-E, and the HAHA instrumental comes on. I just started freestyling, and it hit me that Push would sound crazy on the 2nd verse. Once I got it, when I was in LA, I sent it to bro and he said it was dope and was getting on it. It was up after that.”


The result of Al-Doms and Pusha T joining forces is impeccable lyricism and unwavering aggression on “HAHA” — a 2-minute long cut that sees Virginia’s future and past colliding in perfect harmony. Along with the release of last month’s “APPARENT” — that saw Doms keep his perfectly-crafted persona in tact — the pair’s undeniable chemistry to the track’s mind-melting percussion is so seamless that it is sure to become an instant favorite as the summer heats up.

With more music likely on the way, Al-Doms is seemingly laughing his way to the top with help from Pusha T’s villainous “Joker smile.”

Check out “HAHA” by Al-Doms featuring Pusha T below!

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