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WATCH: Zelooperz directs stylish new video for Alchemist’s ‘Wildstyle’

Alchemist continues his streak of videos with this latest one for the Zeloopers assisted “Wildstyle”. The trippy visual sees the Bruiser Brigade member against a brick wall backdrop that constantly shifts and morphs throughout the song.

The Zelooperz directed video features a different style than the past two videos “Lossless” and “Miracle Baby”. Instead of cutting between an assortment of footage or having the artist walk around a darkened city, Zelooperz instead decides to alter the background to match the title of the song. His outfit morphs from a striped suit to a hoodie to a varsity jacket all while the video glitches and stutters. It matches perfectly with Zelooperz’s eccentric rapping over Alchemist’s ominous beat. The video creates such a different aesthetic compared to the other two yet still manages to fit into the same overall vibe they did. It’s impressive that although each video was tailored to the featured artists, each of them still fits the mold of the EP.

“Wildstyle” is the third song from Alchemist’s latest EP to get the video treatment. With over half the tracklist already paired with a visual, fans can only hope there’s one in store for both the posse cut “Flying Spirit” and Vince Staples’s outro “6 Five Heartbeats” For now, they still have these three excellent offerings to go along with a stellar project.

Listen to ‘This Thing of Ours 2’ by Alchemist below!

WATCH: MIKE roams the NY streets in Alchemist’s latest video ‘Lossless’

Just as he drops This Thing of Ours 2, The Alchemist celebrates his latest project with the video for “Lossless” featuring MIKE. In it, MIKE simply walks his dog through the late New York streets and raps about his past in the city, as well as his thoughts about his place in the rap scene.

Directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa, the video begins with MIKE’s face concealed by his hoodie as he raps and walks along with his dog. His monotone flow glides over Alchemist’s calming, jazzy production and pairs incredibly well with the nighttime atmosphere portrayed in the nearly 2-minute clip.

As the song nears the halfway point its hook, he reveals his face for a few moments before it is once again hidden in shadows. It’s an accurate representation of the sound both Al and MIKE were going for but it’s also the clearest MIKE has ever sounded thanks to Alchemist’s more high-scale mixing.

With how well they paired together here, fans can only hope Alchemist and Mike have more in-store together down the line. For now, they have this great showcase from a rapper that is only getting better with every new verse.

Listen to ‘This Thing of Ours 2’ by Alchemist below!

Alchemist releases ‘This Thing of Ours 2’

Alchemist returns with This Thing of Ours 2 — the sequel to his EP from earlier this year, as it features various rappers from different backgrounds on its tight, 12-minute runtime.

The Mavi-assisted single “Miracle Baby” opens the EP and flows seamlessly into “Lossless” featuring NY rapper MIKE. The posse cut “Flying Spirit” with Detriot’s Bruiser Brigade brings an unexpected but welcomed change of pace to the project.

Each members’ verses flow over a more frantic and tense beat that never breaks until it transitions into the next song. Zelooperz’s second appearance on the EP continues this more intense production style on “Wildstyle” while Vince Staples closes off the project with a more melancholy look at love on “6 Five Heartbeats.” Every song seeps into the next, making it a truly uninformed body of work, and one that can be replayed over and over again.

Alchemist once again creates a beautifully produced project with every guest filling their spot perfectly. His hot streak this year is potentially capped off with an EP that is just as good, if not better than its predecessor.

Listen to ‘This Thing of Ours 2’ by Alchemist below!

WATCH: Alchemist drops new video ‘Miracle Baby’ featuring Mavi

Ahead of the release of Thing Thing of Ours 2, Alchemist dropped the first single and video for “Miracle Baby” featuring Mavi. The video intercuts Mavi rapping with an assortment of footage from sports highlights to robberies and police chases.

Mavi breezes through the track with an unrelenting flow over a laid-back beat. The Alchemist takes a back seat to allow the North Carolina rapper’s lyrics to really since through over his soulful production. Mavi previously dropped the EP End of the Earth back in February and this is his first collaboration with the legendary producer. If this is any indication, they already have amazing chemistry together and the potential for more of this pairing is staggering.

“Miracle Baby” is the lead single for Alchemist’s latest EP and it’s already a strong showing of what the project could sound like. Check back in when This Thing of Ours 2 drops this Friday.

Listen to “Miracle Baby” below!

Alchemist announces sequel to ‘This Thing of Ours’ dropping Oct. 8

After an already stellar year, legendary producer Alchemist announced that the highly-anticipated sequel to his EP, This Thing of Ours, will drop next week.

It’s his second solo project of the year and comes after producing both Armand Hammer’s Haram and Boldy James’ Bo Jackson.

Alchemist previously dropped the first This Thing Of Ours back in April to almost unanimous acclaim by fans. The EP featured Earl Sweatshirt, Navy Blue, Pink Siifu, and more throughout its four-track run. Tracks like “Holy Hell” and “Nobles” showed that the Al could pair with almost anyone and make it sound incredible.

The latest EP will feature a range of artists from both the mainstream and underground rap scene. Fans of the lo-fi hip-hop sound will be thrilled to see leaders of its wave like Mavi and Mike on the first two tracks “Miracle Baby” and “Lossless.”

Danny Brown brings his Bruiser Brigade collective to the third track “Flying Spirit” and fellow member Zelooperz is featured on the following track “Wildstyle.” Vince Staples is set to close the short project out on “6 Five Heartbeats.” With so many different styles on the project, it will sure to be another thrilling release from the long-time producer.

Although This Thing Of Ours 2 releases in about one week, Alchemist announced the first single and video for it will be arriving this Friday. This small teaser will hold over listeners until the full project hits DSPs.

With an already high profile year behind him, The Alchemist is destined to cap off 2021 on a high note with This Thing Of Ours 2.

Listen to ‘This Thing Of Ours’ below!