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Allstar JR is undefeated with BabyTron on his new single ‘MMA’

Detroit’s finest have linked up once more to share some of the best scam rap to bless streaming services.

Allstar JR and BabyTron have a track record of consistent bangers, continuing their streak with Allstar’s new single, “MMA.”

“You wanna talk money? Lil’ n****, talk then
I don’t walk in the bank, ho, I get walked in
Get your mans out the way with his lost ass
You can be anything, n****, be a boss then”

— Allstar JR

Tron and JR go back-and-forth over a mellow, piano-driven instrumental with hectic percussion, seemingly trying to outdo each other as they push each other to their peak performance. Production is handled by SAV and ENRGY, veterans of the scam rap production style who put their touch on the uptempo beat.

Visuals for the track come courtesy of raresmoke and MVLA, chock-full of head-spinning transitions as the duo lives their bars in the studio surrounded by kicks.

First collaborating in 2019, Allstar JR and BabyTron have periodically dropped verses on each others’ songs as they both come up out of Detroit. Tron’s latest release was the third installment in his Bin Reaper series, now joining Allstar JR for what could be the rollout for his next project.

Considering the musical chemistry between these two, they are sure to drop more music together soon, so keep an eye out for releases from BabyTron and Allstar JR.

Check out ‘MMA’ by Allstar JR and BabyTron below!