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Babyface Ray and instantly click on surprise collab “Deuce & Fanta”

Soundcloud OG and newly emerging Detroit-frontrunner Babyface Ray surprised fans with a straight-to-Youtube collab, “Deuce & Fanta” (May 9) – that already cannot be added to streaming platforms fast enough.

For one of the first times, on “Deuce & Fanta,” Face and Warhol successfully bridge the Soundcloud underground and the understated smooth-talking (debatably offbeat) subsection of gangster rap – two of the most compelling and fastest growing new trends in hip-hop today.

While surprising at first, these two artists on a track together couldn’t make more sense. Their styles perfectly complement one another, and they found a perfect middle ground on an insane beat produced by Brent Rambo and Peyton the Alien – both artists managing to sound right at home despite their differing flows.

It seems like fans may be witnessing the start of something new when it comes to Babyface Ray and In addition to their obvious chemistry on “Deuce & Fanta,” they’ve hinted at additional joint tracks coming down the line — and even debuted their very own handshake in the music video. Face said it himself in the caption: “Me & Warhol Clicked quick like the bulls when Rodman came!!”

Adding to the crossover theme, the video (directed by ShotbySimba) is shot in various parts of a lavish mansion, as street rappers tend to do, but sprinkled with trippy edits and eye-popping VFX – staples of the new wave Soundcloud underground (by Sprk, RareSmoke and Natey.FX). The visual really seems to capture the two artists from different worlds connecting on the same wavelength, perhaps evident in the final seconds of the video by the goofy dance moves and the closest thing to a smile viewers are likely to see from Babyface Ray.

Overall, “Deuce & Fanta” is an instant home run and the unexpected collab fans didn’t know they needed.

Watch Babyface Ray &’ “Deuce & Fanta” below