Bakar releases debut studio album ‘Nobody’s Home’

UK singer-songwriter Bakar has consistently cooked up catchy indie-alternative hits ahead of his latest release, Nobody’s Home — finally giving fans a full-length project after nearly four years.

Bakar dropped his first mixtape Badkid back in 2018, with both releases relying solely on his sensational vocal performances without any features. On his more notable 2019 record Will You Be My Yellow?, Bakar broke through with hits in “Hell N Back” and earned a stellar feature from Euphoria star and alt-rap Swiss Army Knife Dominic Fike on Stop Selling Her Drugs.”

Bringing forth a variety of stellar tracks, the 28-year-old prodigy gives a refreshing take on luscious pop hooks while fusing the versatile genres of punk, indie and rap synonymously. Each track elicits a new energy, from chill melancholic ballads to harmonious high-energy anthems alike. The Guardian referred to the album as “a spectacularly strong sense of place,” with Bakar channeling his roots in North London and the sounds of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and others.

Two singles preceded his proper debut album with each fully presenting Bakar’s undeniable range and delivery. “NW3” is an ode to his home on the Northwest side of London, while “The Mission” teeters on the edge of alternative and hip-hop with a dance twist.

Much like on Nobody’s Home, Bakar is sure to leave listeners wanting more on his next works — laying the groundwork for a formidable tenure as a barrier-breaking creative.

Check out ‘Nobody’s Home’ by Bakar below!


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