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Big Sean celebrates 10-year anniversary of ‘Finally Famous’ with a new single

Big Sean is not only coming off a stellar 2020 with the release of Detroit 2, but also continues to celebrate the moments that molded him into a hometown hero.

Releasing his sixth full-length studio album in D2 last summer — packed with 21 tracks and a star-studded feature list — the album served as an ode to Sean’s illustrious career, his humble beginnings and paid homage to the music that envelopes his roots.

It’s hard to believe he’s spent the better part of a decade in the game, as his debut album, Finally Famous, will eclipse its 10-year anniversary this weekend. Big Sean commemorated his project by releasing a remastered version of the album along with a new track titled “Freshman 10.”

“It’s the 10-year anniversary of my first album Finally Famous. I never experienced this, but obviously, I’m super grateful. It’s the album that changed everything for me. It took me from being a mixtape artist to going city to city and hearing myself on the radio with “My Last” with Chris Brown to “I Do It,” and “Marvin & Chardonnay” with me and Ye. “A**” with me and Nicki, I mean that sh*t still go crazy.”

Big Sean Annoucnce the Celebration of Finally Famous via Instagram

Sean revealed more updates in the five-minute-long IG video, sneakily saying he has more music on the way in the near future. “I know that yesterday’s stats don’t win today’s games,” he said. “I’m excited for the new music we got coming too.”

“Freshman 10” is a story-driven track that artists like Wiz Khalifa and J. Cole have co-signed prior to its release. Connecting with Hit-Boy once more on “Freshman 10,” Sean reminisces his time meeting his fellow XXL Freshman classmates, speaks on the triumphs and tribulations of chasing his dreams and what’s next for him in his career.

With the recent release of 2021’s XXL Freshman List, the song serves as a reminder of how influential an initial co-sign can be to an aspiring artist. Big Sean is clearly grateful for the opportunities he has received since then — looking to further expand his legacy and continue the grind he’s constantly been on.