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Big30 launches a ‘Protest’ for Pooh Shiesty’s freedom

Memphis has been flourishing with talent these last few years, and Big30 has been instrumental to this resurgence in a big way.

Touting huge collaborations both in and out of state lines, fellow Memphis emcee Pooh Shiesty was arguably running the scene prior to his unfortunate incarceration in July 2021. At the top of 2022, he plead guilty to a variety of charges, facing up to eight years in prison.

Big30 has been a close collaborator of Pooh both coming up out of the South’s gritty sound. The duo have worked together on stellar tracks such as “Allegations,” “Free Shiest Life” and “Neighbors.” Their latest single “Protest,” however, serves as an anthem for Shiesty’s release.

“Steady screaming Free Shiesty like I’m tryna start a protest”

Big30 — “Protest”

An atmospheric instrumental bumps in the background as Big30 dedicates the track to Pooh Shiesty’s freedom. Using Pooh’s classic “blrrd” ad-lib, Big30 pays homage to his fellow Memphis rapper between bars about his substance abuse and wealth.

Fans of Pooh Shiesty are optimistic that he will receive a minimum sentence of his charges later this year. With the support of his fellow artists, he will hopefully return soon to drop more heat with Big30.

Check out “Protest” by Big30 below!