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Brakence drops woozy new single ‘cbd’

As hyperpop continues to take over underground waves, Brakence has consistently pushed and perhaps broken a few boundaries with a refreshingly lawless soundscape.

After a year-long hiatus, the 18-year-old enigma Randy Findell dropped “argyle” — a resentful single with acoustic guitar and heavy-hitting drums. Previously, his album punk2 displayed the growth the Columbus, Ohio singer has undergone these last few years. His new single “cbd” showcases his classic low-pitch singing over a pleasant yet glitchy instrumental, as Brakence conveys lyrics about self-doubt and failed romance.

Learned, tryna find myself

It ain’t gotta be a one-way fight

But every single time I ask for help

They just talk right over me,assume I’m fine

Now I’m closing every open door

Bent teeth and it’s all my fault

I lose grip, wasting all this soul

I’m falling apart

Brakence — “cbd” (verse)

‘Cause no one cares for me, except me

I’m chilling by death, CBD

Baby, was something I said too extreme?

Now while you dying to reach me, I don’t care

Brakence — “cbd” (chorus)

His breakout single, “dropout,” detailed the emotions he had dropping out of Ohio State University freshman year. The track also received a high-profile remix from R&B-pop crooner blackbear. With the original visuals dropping on production company Overcast’s YouTube channel, the video is their most viewed release with over 2.4 million views.

Coming complete with a music video treatment, “cbd” shows significant maturity as the hyperpop veteran sings about his struggles with depression.

As we get deeper in 2022, hopefully Brakence will follow up his stellar singles with a full-length project. Fans eagerly await his next release as his peers continue to uplift his musical movement.

Check out ‘cbd’ by Brakence below!