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Broly500! delivers new track, video for ‘Chromeheart Darkstar’

Broly500! has been generating plenty of noise lately, partially due to his incredibly fascinating come-up.

For those unaware of Broly and his unique ascent, the young prodigy initially began catching a buzz in 2019 when he dropped off tracks like “I’m in Really Big Trouble” and “Half Hot, Half Cold,” both of which have achieved millions of Spotify plays. Off the rip, listeners compared the Virginia native to XXXTENTACION due to their similar vocals and addicting melodies.

After his explosive 2019 run, Broly has continued to develop his unique sound and image, growing his audience even more and consistently delivering new music, such as his Oct. 6 cut “Chromeheart Darkstar

In “Chromeheart Darkstar,” fans find a high-energy, heavily rage-influenced gem that sits at just under three minutes long. Containing Broly’s piercing vocals and ear-grabbing melodies, this track perfectly fits into the new wave hyper-pop and rage sub-genres.

The accompanying visual for “Chromeheart Darkstar” fits the song’s high energy and overall aesthetic perfectly. Involving static lights, heavy animations and eye-catching colors, Broly performs the track inside his living room as well as a parking garage.

Sure to continue crafting exciting bangers like these on his way to stardom, it would be wise to keep an eye out for Broly500! moving forward.

Checkout “Chromeheart Darkstar” below!