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che gets aggressively glitchy with new single ‘intro’

The underground is jam-packed with young emcees that have something to prove, and standing out from the rest can prove to be challenging, if not impossible.

che is one of those artists who’s not only managed to make a name for himself, but push his momentum forward and dynamically build upon his sound in characteristic ways. This is on full display with his newest track “intro,” where the Atlanta native only takes a minute and a half of your time, but makes every second worth it.

Released on Aug. 29, the single comes a few months after his 3 EP as well as the tracks “wtf” and “feel.” But don’t let the subdued titles fool you, because you never know if che will lean into an R&B flow or go full throttle with a screaming, almost punk-inspired cadence.

Everything from the vigorous hyperpop-infused production to his freestyling flow feels natural to che. Having gained a lot of experience in FL Studio during the pandemic, he’s gotten much closer towards the entirety of the artistic process, something that bleeds through in each individualistic song of his.

Things feel a bit more progressed with “intro” though, as an array of drum patterns and warped synth leads lay the groundwork for che to spit with reckless abandon. Like his other hits, it fits the viral mold of having one, if not handfuls, of head-banging and grimacing moments that will hopefully keep this song in the algorithm’s rotation for quite some time.

I got a dream we gon’ get him (Yeah)

I got a dream we gon’ kill him

I just bought drank, we gon’ feel it (Yeah, yeah)

Just bought some drank, ho, don’t spill it

We got some drank, we gon’ feel it

che – “intro”

Despite not being very active on social media, this is how che found an audience for his art, with “Off tha lot (Yeat remix)” and “agenda” proving to be the initial pulls for many. Keeping a music-hungry fanbase is the hard part though, and “intro” finds che at his hardest and most sonically concentrated space yet.

Check out “intro” below!