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Comethazine makes 2021 return with self-titled project

It seems like St. Louis rapper Comethazine is ready to give fans his most personal project yet with Comethazine The Album.

Clocking in at 18 songs with no features, his second step away from the Bawskee series is laced with heavy-hitting instrumentals and complements his signature fast-paced flow. Every song bumps with heavy kicks and 808s, as Comethazine uses his naturally aggressive tone to carry most of the project.

His previously released single “Spinback” makes an appearance on the album, as visuals for the track showed the gruesome scene of Comethazine’s fictional murder being carted away by paramedics.

Among all his new music, his 2016 grail “Wake Up” finally sees an official release, implying the impact this track and the self-titled album had on the rapper. Comethazine’s only other official release from that year is an EP titled Aloe Vera, featuring a much more mellow style compared to his self-titled LP.

Take a listen to Comethazine’s self-titled project below!