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DaBaby, Lil Wayne reflect on lonliness in hip-hop on latest collab

DaBaby released an emotional new single “Lonely” that sees the Houston rapper and Lil Wayne come together to reflect on the lonely side of the rap game.

After working together on the remix to Jack Harlow’s hit “What’s Poppin” late last year, it looks like the two could have another hit in the works, but with a much different approach.

This marks the first track from DaBaby after he was “canceled” for comments made during his Rolling Loud performance — greatly offending the LGBTQ community. Those comments resulted in Baby getting dropped from multiple festivals in Aug, but he was added Kanye West’s Donda on “Jail pt. 2.”

Baby opens the track on a fast note, reflecting on being in his feelings while dealing with hate from around him. The Houston rapper also touches on the 2018 killing that brought charges that he was eventually cleared from due to self-defense.

In the second verse, DaBaby becomes more introspective as he looks back on his brother’s suicide and the effect that it’s had on him.

As if I got a reason to act like I’m lonely

I saw my big brother laid out with his brains blown out

It’s been catchin’ up on me

Shit, how would you act if your bro took his life?

And you know that you rappin’ like all of these niggas

And you don’t even trap and you livin’ your life

The best you ever had just to see it come crashin’, I’m burnin’

You don’t know the feeling

DaBaby – ‘Lonely’

DaBaby once again focuses on his brother’s suicide after his 2020 tribute EP My Brother’s Keeper. “Lonely” reminds listeners of the lead song his early EP “Gucci Peacoat” — where Baby regrets not being there for his brother. My Brother’s Keeper peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard charts.

Wayne continues his immaculate 2021 feature run in the third verse. As the beat picks up, Weezy effortlessly flows over the switch-up, reflecting on how even those atop the rap game feel alone at times.

Weezy has shined through countless times this year, appearing on Polo G’s ‘Gang Gang’, Tyler the Creator’s ‘Hot Wind Blows’, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Seeing Green’, Drake’s ‘You Only Live Twice’ amongst others.

Stream DaBaby’s and Lil Wayne’s “Lonely” below!

Photo courtesy of DaBaby’s Instagram