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DDG blasts off: Pontiac artist the first rapper to film a music video off-planet

Internet sensation DDG is more than just a multifaceted creative — he’s adventurous through and through.

Striving to live life to the fullest, the Die 4 Respect rapper seems to embrace the moment and opportunity he’s been given to fully create something “out-of-this-world.”

With the release of his chart-topping single “Elon Musk” featuring Young Stoner Life superstar Gunna, the Pontiac, Michigan emcee made history in recent weeks filming the visual to his hit track. Along with mentally preparing for his trip in orbit, DDG became the first rapper to film a music video in space this month.

“I’m really going because I want to experience it. I like doing crazy shit. I went scuba diving, skydiving and I wanted to embrace that space mentality with ‘Elon Musk.’”

DDG to Our Generation Music

Launching from Houston on Saturday (March 19), the prolific YouTuber-rapper has been documenting bits and pieces of his journey into space on his YouTube channel. Telling his family and friends that there’s a chance he might “not make it back,” DDG was still all systems go, as the track evidently holds a special place in his heart.

“With Elon Musk, I felt like I really found my sound with this one — like I felt like I was floating when I made it,” he said to OGM. “I always listen to my music in the car to see if I get bored with it or if I sound boring, but ‘Elon Musk’ just kept hitting. It was one of those ones. I wanted it to be something different, and have like an out-of-this-world element to it. So I thought, what would make this really jump?”

When striving to figure out a captivating visual piece to the puzzle, DDG tried his hand at recruiting the real Elon Musk for the video, posting a vlog asking his fans to spam the Tesla CEO to join him in space. However, Musk never replied — pushing DDG to think completely outside the box.

“It really started with me doing research to see what I could find to market the song. My team contacted SpaceX, NASA and some other companies to see if we can make happen, and it did. I’m going to be up there for a few hours. I’m no astronaut or anything, but I’m going to feel weightless and be floating for the video.”

DDG to Our Generation Music

Currently holding over 2.8 million subscribers, DDG has long been known for his YouTube content and presence on the platform — finding success stemming from both his music and likeness as a creator. Stepping away from school to focus on his career as a YouTuber, the former high school valedictorian’s daily vlogs would eventually catapult the him to major music acclaim, working with artists in OG Parker, Lil Yachty, PnB Rock, G Herbo, Blueface, NBA YoungBoy, 42 Dugg and more.

When speaking on the impact YouTube has had on his career, DDG would be remiss to mention the “family” that’s been by his side since the very beginning.

“With YouTube, I feel like that’s my family… Like getting dropped off at college or a high school reunion type feeling. I know my fans there are always going to ride for me, and I feel like I’ve had to prove myself because I was [an artist] coming off that platform. It definitely shaped me and my music for what it is today. I loved making videos, but I didn’t start taking music seriously until 2017. I wouldn’t be here without the family supporting me on [YouTube].”

As DDG becomes the first rapper in history to ascend alongside literal stars, the Michigan mainstay is poised to have one of the most viral moments hip-hop has seen in its storied history.

Watch “Elon Musk” below!