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Dominic Fike recruits ‘Euphoria’ co-star Zendaya for official release of ‘Elliot’s Song’

If you’re an avid fan of HBO hit drama Euphoria, which is the second most watched show in HBO’s history, you likely saw the Feb. 27 season 2 finale. Wishing the episode, alternative pop-rapper Dominic Fike‘s character Elliot plays multi-faceted star Zendaya‘s character Rue a song with his guitar.

The song had mixed reviews from fans on Twitter, mostly because it took up four minutes of the episode’s runtime, to which Dominic Fike acknowledged soon after.

Nonetheless, the ballad was a charming cut that utilized Dominic Fike’s elegant songwriting. So, after a few tweaks including shortening the length, Fike released “Elliot’s Song” as a single on March 4, and added Zendaya for contributing vocals on the track.

The song lasts exactly two and a half minutes, and features peaceful, acoustic guitar strumming from Dominic throughout. The first half contains vocals solely from Fike, as he croons a melancholic story about loneliness and heartbreak.

I’ve got no place

Buildin’ you a rocket up to outer space

I watch you fade

Keepin’ the lights on in this forsaken place

“Elliot’s Song” — Dominic Fike, Zendaya

Around the midway point, Zendaya, who used to sing in her days acting for Disney Channel, provides smooth harmonies alongside Fike. The final two hooks and last bridge see both of them synchronized perfectly, singing about how a guitar is sometimes a musician’s best companion.

Little star

Feels like you fell right on my head

Gave you away to the wind

I hope it was worth it in the end

You and my guitar

I think you may be my only friend

“Elliot’s Song” — Dominic Fike, Zendaya

Perhaps this single could see Zendaya’s reintroduction into making music, as Dominic Fike seemed like the perfect addition to a burgeoning show.

Check out “Elliot’s Song” by Dominic Fike and Zendaya below!