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Dubbo is next up out of Texas

As quarantine regulations simmer down with the summer, some artists are getting their first true experiences performing on stage. Despite the lack of shows during the pandemic, artists still managed to accumulate die-hard fan bases regardless of restrictions.

Austin-based rapper Dubbo is a prime example of this phenomenon — throwing a rager of a show in his home state of Texas last week.

Dubbo began to gain traction near the end of 2020, when he signed a contract with Babygrande Records. This opportunity was commemorated with his first single under the label, “Ben10”.

With the assistance of only dark beats and heavy 808s, Dubbo has been relentlessly dropping single after single since his deal. His two most recent releases are “Valero” and “Beat up the Belly 2”. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Dubbo’s music is how hyped native Texans have been getting at his shows.

We will definitely be seeing Dubbo on some bigger stages if his following keeps growing at this rate, so be on the look out for more music from him.