Femdot taps Saba, Chris Patrick for two-track EP ‘Tour Pack’

Chicago’s own Femdot has been on his grind for a while now.

Putting in countless hours perfecting his craft, wholeheartedly impressing on Not For Sale and being a supporting act for Saba‘s “Back Home” tour, he and Saba’s triumphant “Mount Olympus” is just the latest example of Dot’s delicate wordplay and visceral artistic vision.

Extending the August single to a Tour Pack with Chris Patrick, the “Los Tacos No.1” duo crafted a “2 piece spicy” in celebration of Taco Tuesday this week.

“Los Tacos, No.1” is a brooding display of lyrical prowess from both Patrick and Fem. The beat’s shuffling percussion pattern and distant, contemplative chimes add further emphasis to Dot and Patrick’s deep-rooted verses about addiction, street life and perplexing real-life situations that they both ponder.

On “Mount Olympus,” Femdot uses the track to freeze time, reflect on his past and look back on what it took for him to get where he is today. “Bro told me to focus on them books cause it get crazy / I had a 3.5, he moved 3.5s and talked 380s,” Fem raps, demonstrating how easily he could have been brought into a dangerous street life, but instead took an alternative route.

From the bottom we started

I knew I was the hardest

Stayed patient regardless

Never folded, that’s probably

Just why I started

Femdot, Saba — “Mount Olympus”

It was only right that Saba lands on this record, considering the time Femdot spent on the road with him this year. As a fellow Chicago native, Saba delivers a stellar verse, offering his perspective on the climb out of hardships and into success.

This sh*t feel like Mount Olympus

The moon rise and I follow

They pointed my cousin outta the line up like where’s Waldo

The bottom suffocating, a lot of n****s breath bottled

And sold back to ’em, the whole hood can’t coddle

Femdot, Saba — “Mount Olympus”

To say that Femdot has had a successful year would surely be an understatement, as he has been continuously gaining tons of notoriety not just within Chicago, but internationally.

His biggest single to date, “94 Camry Music,” currently sits at over 14 million streams on Spotify. Using that to fuel his flame, his 2021 album Not For Sale displayed just how much he had evolved over the years — both as a person and as an artist.

With Chicago being most notable for its eclectic drill scene, it can be refreshing to hear another sound come out of the city every once in a while. Still tasked with surviving the streets, Femdot’s more lyrical and mellow brand of sound add a new dimension to Chi-Town’s signature aura.

Stream Femdot’s ‘Tour Pack’ below!


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