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fenix flexin new single

Fenix Flexin drops new single amid Shoreline Mafia’s solo ventures

fenix flexin new single: It looks as if all of the former Shoreline Mafia members are beginning to branch out, as Fenix Flexin is not about to be left behind.

Fenix just dropped “NDS (Nerd, Dork, Square),” an anthemic take on roasting his opposition. With a simple yet hard-hitting instrumental, he spits one-liners in quick succession. Even as a solo act, Fenix is able to put up numbers, with the video racking up nearly 250,000 views in just a week.

This single precedes his upcoming mixtape Fenix Flexin Vol. 1, slated to release June 30. Previously released tracks “10 Toes” and “For Me” are expected to be on the tape, as well as features from several rappers, including Drakeo the Ruler and Rob Vicious.

Fenix flexin new single

It is unclear if the timing is intentional, but he dropped this song a week before his former groupmate OhGeesy released new music of his own in “Secret Service.” Both parties have expressed that there is no bad blood between them, so it’s possible that they are just aware that the summer is a great time frame to drop — acting as pure coincidence.

Regardless, Shoreline Mafia was widely known for their knack of creating club bangers. It makes sense that even as solo artists they continue to make songs that will turn up all summertime vibes. Be on the lookout for Fenix to continue making solo strides, as we get closer to a full-length project.

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