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Fetty Wap drops sophomore album ‘The Butterfly Effect’

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Fetty Wap’s return and it appears that day has finally arrived with the release of his sophomore album The Butterfly Effect. The 17-track album is dedicated to his daughter who passed this past year.

On the intro track, Fetty looks back at his career and thinks about the legacy he has already left behind. With lines referencing his breakout year and his remarkable blow up, it’s a different side of the New Jersey native — one that lets listeners get a glimpse of where’s he been at mentally following his run of mixtapes.

I’m the rose that grew from the concrete

I done seen everything without an eye baby

I can never let it slow and get it past me, yeah baby

It’s been seven years, it’s been seven years.

Fetty Wap — “The Butterfly Effect”

The intro sets up a more personal project as the next song “Out The Hood” talks about how rap has changed him. He talks about growing up in poverty and how becoming this mainstream star changed his life. He also deals with how being away for so long affected his mental state. Tracks like “They Know My Name” feature his iconic melodic rap style while dealing with these topics.

On social media, the project has gained acclaim from fans with many sharing joyful memes about Fetty’s return to the spotlight. After such a long time away, fans can hope that their favorite underdog can climb his way back to the top, and with The Butterfly Effect, he just might.

Check out The Butterfly Effect by Fetty Wap below!

Fetty Wap preps comeback with new album ‘The Butterfly Effect’

Since his peak in 2015, fans have been clamoring for a mainstream return from Paterson native Fetty Wap.

He was completely on top of the world with iconic hits like “679” featuring Monty, “My Way”, and of course the inescapable “Trap Queen.” Now, after a string of mixtapes, Fetty hopes to make a splash with his upcoming album, The Butterfly Effect, dropping Oct. 22.

No one could predict just how massive he would become after “Trap Queen” began to blow up on the East Coast. Almost overnight, the rest of the country was yelling out “1738” just a few years back.

He gained a massive audience not only with the general public, but with some of the biggest stars in the industry. The stratospheric success of his signature song led to endorsements from megastars like Kanye West, remixes of tracks with Drake, and even earned multiple Grammy nominations. Simply put, it was one of the biggest years a newcomer could ever have.

Since his breakout year, Fetty shifted away from the spotlight. He continued to release a steady stream of mixtapes but none seemed to capture the same magic that his debut did.

He’s released a total of 13 projects since his self-titled ranging from collaborative tapes to solo mixtapes and EPs. Some got more buzz than others but for the most part, none of them manage to scratch the surface of his former popularity. However, by how Fetty has been tweeting about The Butterfly Effect, the tide may be turning back in his favor.

With the announcement of this new project, fans could only hope that this will be what they’ve been waiting for. Fetty has become an underdog once again and fans can’t wait to see him back on top one more time when The Butterfly Effect drops on Oct. 22.

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