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Freddie Gibbs taps Jadakiss for new single ‘Black Illuminati’

As the year comes to a close, Freddie Gibbs’ upcoming album seems to be approaching at a fast pace.

Dropping off his latest effort — featuring the lyrical prowess of Jadakiss — “Black Illuminati” is a testament to Gibbs’ bellowing, hypnotic lyricism and street-centric ideals, allowing him to grow into one of hip-hop’s most respected talents.

Jada and Freddie are no strangers to collaborating, previously linking on songs like “Babyface Killa” with Jay Rock and the remix of “Own Thing” by 360. The duo have come together periodically since 2012, with plenty of time to establish a dynamic between them.

Their latest collaboration, however, puts both of them on an eerie beat reminiscent of a mobster movie. Both rappers are well known for their aggressive tones and tongue-twisting deliveries, so it’s no surprise that “Black Illuminati” is a woozy, eerie banger leading up to SSS.

Visuals for the track show varying settings that display the “rags to riches” background that Freddie and Jada both speak on. Flashy cars and lavish mansions lead to abandoned warehouses and shady neighborhoods as the track plays out.

Freddie had a monster 2020, as his and The Alchemist’s Grammy-nominated album Alfredo was in the running for Best Rap Album at last year’s Grammy Awards. As far as his next LP, Gibbs recently revealed an insane list of producers for SSS — mentioning some of the unlikely features fans will get to see on the project.

Listen to ‘Black Illuminati’ by Freddie Gibbs featuring Jadakiss below!