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TJOnline, grouptherapy. take a bittersweet trip down memory lane on ‘Untitled’

Winter is here and super trio grouptherapy. have arrived to help everyone weather the storm with their latest single, “Untitled.”

Group member TJOnline undertakes a solo mission for the track, entirely writing, performing, and producing the two minutes and 19 seconds himself, something that has become a significant part of the group’s fabric during their four year rise. This has played a bigger role in their 2022 campaign than ever before, with the latest release marking their fourth straight solo endeavor, kicked off by TJ’s “sweet” back in June and followed by fellow group members SWIM’s “Big Steppa” and Jadagrace’s “Brand New.”

Speaking on their unique creative process in an interview with Sheesh Media in October, Jadagrace said, “…sometimes it’s just natural for us to have those solo songs because we are individual artists as well. We made sure to show that from the very first project that if we can make a fire song, it may just be one person, but it’s still from grouptherapy. and we all had something to do with it.”

“Untitled” opens with mysterious synths before added percussion provides an upbeat feel, creating a simple but perfect medley under TJ’s verse. Throughout, he revisits somber moments in his life, rapping, “I find myself getting to the age / Where every place you drive to remind you of times you were trying to forget about.”

He goes on to repeat “I don’t wanna go outside no more” on the hook as he struggles to grapple with his surroundings. Speaking on the meaning of the track, TJ said, “‘Untitled’ was a song I wrote after getting out of the pandemic and realizing a lot of my favorite places either reminded me of bad memories or relationships that went really sour. It’s a weird phenomenon but it’s part of growing up I think. Sometimes the best memories are the ones you want to return to the least.”

The track closes out with a slight Daft Punk influence, fueled by glitchy synths and distorted vocals, wrapping up an exploration of a far too familiar feeling for many on the backheels of the pandemic.

If this is the last we hear from groutherapy. this year, then the six total singles and a stellar album in Truth Be Told that highlighted their 2022 are sure to be on repeat for the immediate future.

Listen to “Untitled” by TJOnline of grouptherapy. below!