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Guwop Reign drops a ‘Flawless’ new single, video

The younger you are, the higher you climb, as young talent has seemingly become the norm for this current wave of musicians. Another common theme? The location that many of these up-and-coming artists hail from.

A city well-known for developing rappers is Atlanta, Georgia — a breeding ground for some of hip-hop’s brightest stars. One young, Atlanta-based artist who has been generating a lot of buzz in his career is Guwop Reign.

The 18-year-old rapper has had much success throughout the beginning of what should be a long and impressive career. Featured on Lil Tecca’s 2020 album, Virgo World, his SoundCloud has also racked up millions of plays over the course of three years.

Along with appearing on Dro Kenji’s 2021 mixtape, EAT YOUR HEART OUT, Guwop Reign has gifted fans with new singles all throughout 2021. Now, he’s returned with a new “Flawless” solo effort.

Its title “Flawless” couldn’t describe the song any better. Guwop brings an impressive flair and refined presence to the track, as he flexes his versatility within its lively production. The song itself has a very uplifting vibe to it — complete with a plethora of string synths and Guwop’s deep, calming voice. He harmonizes about the importance of money and fragility of life, making deep references to both his mom and brother throughout.

I ain’t with that ra-ra, I ain’t with the nonsense

I done seen a whole lot of people backflip

And when that money start comin’, ain’t no stoppin’

Had to cut them people off, they was too toxic

Guwop Reign — “Flawless”

In the visual for “Flawless” — directed by Andy Folio — fans find a pleasant yet cinematic feel to it. The video is shot in black and white, displaying a variety of scenes of Guwop in cars, with friends, performing and kicking it in a downtown setting.

While Guwop Reign continues to prove that he is one of the underground’s most gifted artists, his versatility and personality within his music have captured the interest of music lovers from all over.

With so much talent at such a young age, there’s not much else left to do than sit back and watch him progress into the star he deserves to be.

Listen to Guwop Reign’s “Flawless” below!