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Hefna380 returns with a new Soundcloud exclusive “Repeat It”

Independent New Jersey native Hefna380 is back with his second drop of the year “Repeat It” — a brand new speaker-bumping Soundcloud exclusive produced by a new school A-team.

Repeat It” is everything Hefna’s growing fanbase has come to expect from the eccentric 20-year-old: high energy, unique melodic flows and a refreshingly positive, upbeat disposition that seems to have become increasingly rare in the overwhelmingly dark landscape of the underground.

Following what sounds like a sampling of a vintage anime title sequence, “Repeat It” roars to life with head-bobbing synth production — evoking a similar feel to the popular rage sound but without some of its key elements. Hefna’s expressive vocals find an interesting pocket over the busy production — a catchy, borderline chant still infused with plenty of melody that almost sounds tailor-made to be sung-along to over a frenzied crowd.

The dramatic, rage-leaning production on “Repeat It” was co-crafted by an impressive trio of producers: Wavvy and two multi-platinum producers from the unprecedented Internet Money, Nash Beats and Cxdy.

Cxdy also produced “Midnight Run” — one of the standout tracks from Hefna’s 2021 project, Out of the World — alongside other fan favorites like “Sticks and Stones,” “Mustang Keyz” and “Can’t Go Back – Intro.” Clearly on a promising trajectory, the only other song he’s dropped in 2022, “Not a Dream” (produced by another underground staple: Skai) is already one of his biggest. With over 100,000 streams on both Spotify and Soundcloud in under a month, he’s already well on his way to surpassing his biggest releases in songs like “Backseat”, “Tonight We Go” and “1am Freestyle”.

Just like the cryptic (and rather trendy) cover art for “Repeat It” suggests, the story of Hefna is very much “To Be Continued.” Capitalizing on his uniquely upbeat approach and impressive network of behind-the-scenes playmakers, big plans for this year are already well underway. 

Listen to Hefna380’s “Repeat It” (Prod. Wavvy, Cxdy & Nash) exclusively on Soundcloud