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J. Cole’s ‘Heaven’s EP’ reaches No. 1 on YouTube trending chart

J. Cole is not done in 2021 just yet.

Five months after releasing his sixth studio album The Off-Season, the North Carolina hip-hop titan is back with a new single “Heaven’s EP,” employing the beat from “Pipe Down” off Drake‘s blockbuster album Certified Lover Boy.

Released exclusively on YouTube Sept. 21, “Heaven’s EP” has a runtime half a minute less than the original “Pipe Down.” Only a few days after its release, the track has already reached No. 1 on YouTube’s trending chart.

While Drake’s rendition of the song is a sassy, condescending, emotionally potent track that showcases some of the Champagne Papi’s best lyrical work in years, “Heaven’s EP” shows Cole as his usual contemplative self — critiquing celebrities’ moves and reflecting on his come-up.

Cole sets the tone immediately with stern bars questioning his relevance in the rap game.

With every record I be asking the masses to tune your hearts to me

I represent intelligent n****s that grew up harshly

But lately I’ve been questioning, second guessing, whether or not I’ve got something to offer since I done eluded poverty

“Heaven’s EP” — J. Cole

The visuals for the track have Cole spitting about his hard work coming to fruition while on a trip to Las Vegas and on a flight with fellow Dreamville artist Bas. While he sits in front of the flashing lights of the city, he explains why he likes to stay lowkey and ponders on his position in hip-hop currently — noticing most fans have him behind Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Some people say that I’m runnin’ third, they threw the Bronze at me

Behind Drake and Dot, yeah them n****s is superstars to me

Maybe deep down I’m afraid of my luminosity

So when you see me on red carpets I’m movin’ awkwardly

“Heaven’s EP” — J. Cole

Cole is no stranger to rapping over beats from his peers’ best songs. His provocative late 2016 onslaught “False Prophets” famously utilized the beat of Joey Bada$$‘s early hit “Waves,” and he flipped Kendrick Lamar‘s smash hit “Alright” for his explosive “Black Friday” track in 2015.

While it is unknown if J. Cole has any more music in store for the rest of the year, this pleasant surprise could be a sign of more to come.

While we wait to see if that happens, tune in to J. Cole’s newest single “Heaven’s EP” below.

Photo via Instagram | @thejcolebible