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Jenevieve releases her new single ‘Love Quotes’

Just a month after the release of her single “2NLuv” (July 8) accompanied by an ecstatic video, Jenevieve returns with a new heartfelt record “Love Quotes” (Aug. 12).

On the surface, the Miami-raised songstress is a star in the making — rising to prominence in 2020 off the back of her hit single “Baby Powder,” which has accumulated over 50 million plays on Spotify. Proving to be an undeniable talent with much more in store, her latest single seems to be a culmination of her skillset in a singular showing.

“I just want to say thank you guys for listening…It feels crazy putting new music out and i’m so excited sharing it with you all…Love, Jenevieve”

Jenevieve via Instagram

Asking herself the question “was it only a dream” in the opening line of “Love Quotes,” Jenevieve reflects on what her love interest has become and how they can’t see eye-to-eye — expressing her doubt in trusting another man. Like in many relationships, an apology isn’t enough to heal the pain that’s been endured, as Jenevieve addresses her dissatisfaction with “out of sight apologies” on the track’s glistening hook.

“I don’t need somebody to hold

When it gets cold

And I shiver

I don’t need somebody to blame

Someone to frame

Up in pictures”

“Love Quotes” – Jenevieve

Jenevieve’s dreamy voice, accompanied by the neo-soul production, is a perfect recipe for a R&B chart-topper. Overall, the Interscope-signed artist is redefining what it means to fuse elements of pop, R&B and funk — pushing the boundaries of her genreless sound while carving out a lane all her own.

Listen to “Love Quotes” below!