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Joey Bada$$ takes his ‘REV3NGE’ in comeback effort

While ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ is still a “badass” record in itself, Joey Bada$$ definitely “came back for blood” to take his “REV3NGE.”

The Brooklyn-based rapper not only spits with divine intent on his comeback single “THE REV3NGE” (Jan. 14), but made his triumphant return feel fully cinematic. Following the hype of the track’s movie-style approach, Joey seemingly over-delivered in quality, rapping about proving his doubters wrong with a heavier chip on his shoulder — aiming to reclaim the throne he rightfully belongs to.

On “THE REV3NGE,” Joey illicits a catchy, droning hook and aggressive lyrics of “being ready for war,” ringing in his comeback tour with a bang with bars about proving doubters wrong, belonging at the top and more.

All of the doubters, I’m provin’ ’em wrong

Back with a classic, I know it’s been long

Heard they was missing me while I was gone

I smell a victory, back up on top and it’s where I belong

Joey Bada$$ — “THE REV3NGE”

Previously answering questions on Instagram live Jan. 4, the enigmatic rapper told fans that his third studio album was coming “this year,” however, did not reveal any concrete information about its release at the time. Denzel Curry promoted his and Joey’s album at Day N Vegas festival with OGM host Hakeem Rowe, saying they would drop “the best albums” of the year.

“The album dropping this year, for sure for sure. I’m not going to say excactly when though because there are certain rappers who be on my heels, but it’s coming.”

Joey Bada$$ via Instagram live

In line with the “THE REV3NGE’s” immersive, cinematic feel, Joey’s taken up acting following the release of AAB — working under his birth name Jo-Vaugh Virginie Scott. Since making his debut in 2016 on Mr. Robot, Scott has appeared in a total of five TV series — creating two “THE REV3NGE” film poster alluding to the visual’s triumphant essence.

Holding fans over in July 2020 with his three-track EP The Light Pack, Joey’s return to the spotlight was imminent, taking his “REV3NGE” while reminding listeners of the lyrical Bada$$ he’s always been.

Watch Joey Bada$$’s ‘THE REV3NGE’ below!