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JPEGMAFIA drops supposed final project ‘LP!’

JPEGMAFIA (aka Peggy) has made a career off of experimental production, whimsical wordplay and his overarching respect for individuality — both artistically and personally.

While Peggy shares his latest effort LP!, this may be the last time listeners get to hear something cohesively new from the Brooklyn-based artist. On top of announcing his LP! Tour and the album’s lead single “TRUST” in August, Peggy has found solace in his vices — displaying them all across LP!’s somber and iridescent beat selection.

As a one-man band, Peggy’s eclectic ear shines over the project’s 18-track run-time. With Peggy on the verge of a hiatus, take in everything he spits, sings and orchestrates over the course of the album, for it may be his last.

Listen to JPEGMAFIA’s latest effort LP!

JPEGMAFIA returns with new track ‘TRUST!’ announcing new album, tour

JPEGMAFIA’s music is as imaginative as he is — blessing listeners with his edgy, experimental sound since 2015.

Pioneering some of the most innovative music hip-hop has heard in recent memory, JPEG’s creativity lies within his roots as a producer. On his most recent effort EP2!, the 7-track snapshot is filled with intriguing bars and unique cadences that flex his creative ability at every turn.

Now with another full-length LP in his sights, “TRUST!” is not only a change of pace for the 31-year-old New York native, but also exploits his knack for using airy instrumentals and off-kilt rhyme schemes.

Along with his album announcement — which he says could be his last “for a while” — Peggy continued to excite by releasing the dates to his upcoming tour that’s set to kick off in October.

Needless to say, JPEG is more than ready to share what he’s been working on with his fans.

Peggy’s production on “TRUST!” boasts reverberating synths and arpeggiated melodies that create a bright, atmospheric foundation for the track’s bounce. His delivery is poignant, enunciating every one of his bars to fit the beat’s fast-paced feel. Confident and collected, Peggy’s performance perfectly accentuates the instrumental’s calming vibe — striking a balance between hard-hitting boom-bap and alternative lo-fi.

These hoes is conniving (Woah), I won’t even try to (Woah)

I won’t even lie, I’m looking good

I won’t even fib, I’m feeling nice

I’m looking good today, I bought a new suit

I’m ’bout to go to work (Okay) and praise God (What else?)

I feel like celebrating, I ain’t been fucked up

Yeah, I’ve been fucked over, still going hard (Still going hard)

I feel like celebrating, okay, I’m fucked up

Yeah, I’ve been fucked over, still feeling nice (Still get it in)


Near the end of the song, intimate piano melodies ignite a slowed switch-up in the outro, giving Peggy a chance to catch his breath while catching the attention of the listener. He echos off his few final bars, further defining his presence as an artistic maverick unbound by genre.

As JPEGMAFIA has never been one to create the same type of song, “TRUST!” proves Peggy’s talent yet again — reminding listeners that his unique sound and charisma are truly one-of-a-kind.

Listen to “TRUST!” by JPEGMAFIA below!