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Juice WRLD’s ‘Into The Abyss’ brings forth bittersweet emotions, closure for fans

As the late Jarad Higgins’ legacy is further immortalized in HBO’s exclusive documentary Into The Abyss, Juice WRLD’s new film is a jarring, grim look into the life of a self-plagued superstar.

While the documentary explores the Chicago-based rapper’s triumphs and tribulations — following him from recording his second studio album Death Race For Love to his accidental overdose in 2019longtime friend and videographer Chris Long candidly captured Juice’s persona in almost every situation. Although harsh imagery of Juice’s oversaturated drug use further displayed his constant battle with addiction, his legacy is far greater than what caused his untimely demise.

The film, directed by Tommy Oliver as part of HBO’s documentary series “Music Box,” showcases Juice’s heartwarming personality, ravenous work ethic, god-given rhymes and the love that constantly surrounds him in good and bad times. Deep “Into The Abyss,” Juice is rarely seen without his friends, managers and girlfriend Ally Lotti, as the documentary’s freeform, clip-focused approach injects authenticity directly from Juice’s “WRLD” — filled with life-altering decisions and troves of unreleased music. The life of a budding, international superstar certainly has its ups and downs, as Juice’s genuine nature and down-to-earth personality created an intuitive bond to both his music and his fans.

Amid his downfall, Juice WRLD will remain in our minds, hearts and perhaps our playlists for the rest of our lives. Not only did he craft a distinct sound unafraid of ridicule, but spent his life and career being unapologetically himself — influencing an entire new wave of artists that inspires our generation to accept their feelings with honesty, no matter how hard the truth is. Juice will always be a fixture of the culture as a once in a lifetime artist, regretfully leaving us as a rockstar in his prime.

As friends, family and fans gathered to celebrate his life, music (Fighting Demons) and documentary at Juice WRLD Day in Chicago (Dec. 9), Juice will forever be cherished as a natural born talent who’s music will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Juice WRLD’s Into The Abyss is now available exclusively on HBO and HBO Max.

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