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Justice for Jah: Suspects in XXXTENTACION murder trial to receive life sentences

Photo courtesy of XXXTENTACION PR

Three assailants in XXXTENTACION’s month-long murder trial have been found guilty of armed robbery and first-degree murder, per Associated Press.

The late rapper — who pioneered the rise of the SoundCloud era in 2014-17 — was slain in his native South Florida in 2018 outside Riva Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale.

Now-convicted suspects in Michael Boatwright (28), Dedrick Williams (26) and Trayvon Newsome (24) shot, killed and robbed Jahseh Onfroy of $50,000 on June 18, 2018. All three men later received life sentences, eliciting no emotion in the chilling clip below. A fourth assailant, Robert Allen, was also involved in the crime that day. However, Allen took a plea deal for second-degree murder in August 2022 and aided in the prosecution. He later testified against Williams, Boatwright, and Newsome.

Of the many storylines the defense brought to court, Drake’s alleged involvement was perhaps the most far-fetched. The Toronto rapper’s online feud with X was seemingly used as a deterrent for the main points of the case — citing implausible tweets that painted Drizzy as a focal point. While these shots online were subject of conversation and controversy, they held little weight in court.

Onfroy (XXXTENTACION) regretfully died at the age of 20. His undoubted legacy lives on through posthumous works like SKINS, BAD VIBES FOREVER as well as immersive documentaries in “LOOK AT ME” and “In His Own Words.” A week after the five-year anniversary of his sophomore LP ?, it’s fitting that X’s assailants were brought to justice at this time.

Along with the release of his genre-shifting debut LP, 17, there’s no question XXXTENTACION will be remembered as one of the most influential creatives of our generation. Fans were elated to see X’s murderers receive their long overdue penalty. May Jahseh now truly Rest In Peace.