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Justin Bieber stays ‘Honest’ with Don Toliver in new single, Lyrical Lemonade video

Following the hilarious “I Feel Funny” video that gave fans a catchy tune and a behind-the-scenes look at Lyrical Lemonade’s music video set, Justin Bieber delivered his highly-anticipated track “Honest” with Don Toliver Friday (April 29).

If we’re being “Honest,” Bieber and Toliver’s ski lodge retreat makes for a bonafide banger that will undoubtedly be climbing Billboard charts in no time. The track kicks off with the beloved vocals of pop icon, J-Biebs, as he effortlessly tiptoes around his elite singing abilities over the soothing, yet mystifying instrumental. Exuding a stop-and-start flow, “Honest” is a tad jarring, however, where Bieber lacks in lyrical depth, Toliver picks up with ease. Don T smoothly transitions in with his golden vocals and does what he does best: creating addicting melodies that continue to woo fans and land him on songs with some of the biggest artists the world has ever seen.

You get spicy (You get spicy)

I like that cajun on you (Yeah)

On occasion, that’s your testimony (That’s your testimony)

I like that hazel on you (Like that hazel on you)

I look straight in your eyes, holy matrimony (Yeah)

Justin Bieber, Don Toliver – “Honest”

The accompanying visual for “Honest” is just as exciting as the song itself. In the music video, fans will find both Bieber and Toliver bundled up in an arctic climate, as they are seen partaking in some winter activities such as snowmobiling and enjoying some hot cocoa in a cabin. The two are also seen dancing around the woods and kicking it on the ice — prancing around and enjoying the winter wonderland. However, during Don’s verse, things take a turn for the worse, as bullets — and tensions — begin to flare amid the polar temperatures.

“Honest” is an impressive clash of cold visuals and warm lyrics melted together, as Bieber returns after a short hiatus following his 2021 album Justice with some bonafide heat. While fans have not seen a collab between Don and Biebs before, they remain optimistic that this duo is here to stay and hopefully will link back up for another hit in the near future.

Watch “Honest” below!

Justin Bieber, Cole Bennett link for ‘funny’ teaser video ahead of ‘HONEST’

“Bielieb or not,” Cole Bennett and Justin Bieber are feeling funny in their silly new side effort.

As a behind-the-scenes teaser for Bieber’s upcoming single “Honest” with Cactus Jack superstar Don Toliver, “I Feel Funny” puts Justin’s sense of humor on full display — trolling and dancing around on set for his “Honest” LL treatment dropping this Friday (April 29).

“I Feel Funny” is a catchy and comical tune that sits at just over a minute long as Bieber whisper-raps over a frivolous, slow-paced piano instrumental — spitting random, yet surprisingly factual bars with a few funny ad-libs for taste.

All these hearts (Hearts, hearts)

I used to break them (I usеd to break ’em)

But I’ve sеttle down (I settled down)

Yeah, I found the pocket (I found a pocket)

I hold the game (I hold the game)

And I won’t drop it (I won’t)

Justin Bieber – “I Feel Funny”

While the song is perfect for TikTok creators to take it and run, the short music video-skit hybrid sees Justin flexing his dance moves in his trailer, as fans get a rare behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a Lyrical Lemonade shoot. Midway through the video, Don Toliver makes a quick cameo alongside the Biebs — donning an orange ski-mask as he prances around set thoroughly enjoying the silliness of his side project.

While everything about the song and video seemed spur of the moment, it truly made fans “laugh it up chuckles,” as Bieber and Toliver’s “Honest” is expected to release “very very very soon.”

While fans wait for “Honest,” check out “I Feel Funny” below!