Kanye West releases revolutionary new product ‘Donda Stem Player‘

Kanye West has always been an innovator. Whether it be through music or one of his other lucrative business ventures, Ye is well-known to be a forward-thinker — a “genius” in his own right. In addition to YZY, GAP and other previous projects, his most recent product for sale is perhaps his most intuitive yet.

Priced at $200, fans will have the ability to control how they hear his upcoming album DONDA through a device called a “Stem Player.” It allows listeners to manipulate the stems (individual instruments) of any track on the album — including the drums, vocals, bass and even the mix of its samples and melodies.

In the product description, additional features include looping, speed control, one-hits, live samples and custom colors. The device can also perform these functions on any song, splitting them into stems and allowing the user to manipulate them.

Creating one the most personalized music tools in the industry — adding to the excitement of DONDA’s impending release — it makes one wonder how impactful the stem player could be for music producers in the near future.

Instead of downloading eons of WAV files and splitting MIDI recordings into individual stems, having a stem player in their pocket could be a priority for producers who praise accessibility for their workflow. Ye, being the multi-Grammy winning producer he is, innately saw the need to package a portable, stem splitter for producers as an enjoyable product for the public.

Killing two birds with one stone, Ye may have executed another grand idea to perfection that could cement his legacy further as one of the greatest black entrepreneurs to ever live.

Check out the Donda Stem player at KANYEWEST.COM to learn more!


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