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Kaytranda drops star-studded EP ‘Intimidated’

Legendary Canadian-French producer Kaytranada returned with his latest EP Intimidated over the weekend, as the three-song project features an all-star lineup with R&B singer H.E.R., bassist Thundercat, and Newark rapper Mach-Hommy.

While the total runtime of the EP barely reaches the ten minute mark, not a single moment of it is wasted. Each guest perfectly matches Kaytranda’s smooth groovy beats. H.E.R’s heavenly voice soars over the delicate production on the title track while Thundercat’s expert bass playing is a dream pairing on “Be Careful.” Kaytranda’s light, bouncing beats provide an easily accessible base for both of them to add their signature styles to — and it pays off beautifully.

The first two tracks already make the EP a must-listen for fans of any genre, but it’s Griselda’s Mach-Hommy that steals the show with his guest spot on “$payforhaiti.” The elusive rapper skates over the smooth instrumental, rapping in Creole for over the first minute of the track before switching back to English. He then perfectly flows over the Kay’s intricately smooth-flowing production, showing why he’s gained tons of praise and co-signs over the year. The production is a complete shift from what fans have come to expect from him, but it shows that Mach can work with whatever is thrown at him.

The EP is Kaytranada’s first release since his Grammy-winning 2019 album BUBBA. His danceable production meshes with every guest perfectly, as fans can only hope that more music is in store sooner rather than later.

Listen to ‘Intimidated’ by Kaytranda below!