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Ken Car$on floats over new ‘Butterfly’ visuals

Ken Car$on’s Teen X not only opened the eyes of naysayers who prematurely dubbed him as a “Carti clone,” but also asserted him as a undeniable staple in hip-hop’s new wave.

The 18-year-old Atlanta native’s sound is not a bite or carbon copy of the sub-genre Playboi Carti popularized. Rather, Car$on brings his own element to it, refreshingly blending the glitchy, airy idiosyncrasies of punk and hip-hop. Citing Carti as an inspiration for his music, it’s not a surprise that Ken signed with his label Opium earlier this year — sitting down with Our Generation to discuss his signing, upcoming music, fashion and more.

Car$on’s knack for curating infectious flows and intuitive production have earned him a cult following over the last year. Despite the success he’s already achieved at such a young age, Car$on remains focused working on his highly anticipated debut album Project X. Until then, Ken shares this visual for one of Teen X: Relapsed’s more popular tracks, “Butterfly.”

Car$on’s artistic direction is all around stunning. With dark cool hues and glowing cinematography, it’s a kaleidoscope of sensory images. Ultimately, the track sets the mood for Car$on’s quick cuts and colorful set design, as the teenage talent croons over his melodically futuristic production.

While Car$on continues blossom into the “Butterfly” he depicts himself as, expect more great music — and visuals — from Opium’s golden boy.