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Kenny Mason takes it back to his roots on ‘SHELL’ visual

As one of the best tracks off his latest mixtape RUFFS, Kenny Mason came out of his “SHELL” in a big way in 2022.

Not only was it a year of ascension and growth for the Atlanta emcee, but one of widespread notoriety following his third full-length project in September. Off the back of features with Dreamville’s JID and an undisputed summer anthem in “STICK,” Kenny is a big dog amongst pups in the underground — receiving well-deserved critical acclaim for the rock-rap infusion that’s RUFFS.

Gifting an early holiday present to kick off December, “SHELL” is the third video off Mason’s new LP — excluding the PUP PACK exclusive “Get An Idea” directed by JMP. The playful, party-esque “DIP!” and narratively stark “HALOS” preceded RUFFS’ latest visual extension leading up to his RUFFS TOUR” with Tony Shhnow this month.

On “SHELL” (produced by Coupe), Mason peels back the many layers of his life experience — rapping about the sights and situations embedded within his immediate surroundings. “Good Kid in da city but I was raised in da MAAD parts / Blood on the asphalt, my brudda was half out / my mama had passed out,” he spits on “SHELL” — offering a greater sense of Atlanta’s wargrounds depicted by the intrepid tales he tells. The JMP-directed visual is homegrown and offers further clarity into his words, showing him living his everyday life contemplating the pressures he speaks of in his lyrics. It’s evident that this is all real for Mason, making the RUFFS experience sonically polished yet still “RUFF” around the edges.

While this past year was quite kind to Kenny, he’s nowhere near his ceiling. “When I dropped my project, [my fans] were like ‘we need more music.’ That’s fire, though, because it just means people want to hear my shit. I’m going to keep dropping for sure,” he said in his OGM exclusive. With this in mind, bet on the ATL star to come back with more bark and bite once 2023 settles in.

Watch “SHELL” below!

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